5 Multi-functional Furniture Pieces From Homewoods Creation That are Perfect for Compact Spaces

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  1. Back in the 90’s or early 2000’s, so it’s common to settle for a basic stuff. Living in an apartment with basic furnishings like plastic tables, chairs, metal frames, and plastic made wardrobes—what we call basic essentials to have a simple home— were enough to us.

Well, until now, for some others who are still saving for the future or maybe, just being contented. As time goes by as when we get older and with the influence of the society, we are setting priorities for ourselves, and not depriving to get what we deserve— including getting our own space with a deep imagination on how it will look like to impress our guests and other essentials to complete our home.

Have you been thinking to custom your dream furniture, but no idea where to go? You can see shops around the metro, but only a few who have built their credibility in the industry. Whether you are renting or not, we deserve something that we could be proud of. A little upgrade is not bad, its baby step move and part of our adulting stage.

A stylish futon daybed your guests will actually want to sleep on


This is pretty good design, especially when you get a studio space for starters. It can be a sofa in daytime and a Queen bed at night. Made of solid wood Australian Pinewood; we all know that if our furnishings are made from wood, it increases the value especially no matter how old it will be. A good and wise investment.

Homewoods Creation Amorsolo Day Bed
Homewoods Creation Amorsolo Day Bed Php 25,500.00

Space-efficient look for a contemporary dining table

This dining set is designed to maximize small space while offering big benefits. At 34” diameter, this sturdy and compact solid wood table and stool set is perfect for kitchens and smaller dining areas. It also makes an ideal place for wine session and board games. When not in use, all 4 stools can be easily hidden under the table.

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Homewoods Creation Round Nested Dining Set
Homewoods Creation Round Nested Dining Set Php 26,500

Brilliant Bunk Bed designs are a favorite among homeowners

Homewoods Creation intended to design this custom furniture for the condo units with the size of 18 to 24 sqm. Usually, this design is for a bachelor or a student who is renting a small space near their school. The design has a comfortable working desk, Queen bed frame on top, and a three door sliding wardrobe cabinet.

Homewoods Creation 3N1 Custom Design
Homewoods Creation 3N1 Custom Design Php 65,000.00

A sturdy, versatile ottoman

The top seat offers a soft cushion to sit on and drawers underneath to reveal extra interior storage space. It combines comfort and organization which has open compartments to store various shoes and slippers. This could also be used as an extra seat for the dining set.

Homewoods Creation Ethan Shoe storage ottoman
Homewoods Creation Ethan Shoe storage ottoman Php 14,000.00

This can add both style and function

There are actually 5 places to use a console table: On your entryway, where the family photos are being shared; Can be used as your working desk in your home office; Can also be used as your TV stand which is also perfect to store some boxes or keeping dvds close by but out of sight; Another one, this would be Girls favorite— turning a console into a bedroom vanity by adding a mirror above it and tucking a chic chair underneath.

Homewoods Creation Claren Console Table PHp 9,300.008

Furniture designs shouldn’t look just pretty or expensive—it should solve a problem for small home owners to make the most of their space. And this is how Homewoods Creation saw an opportunity in the furniture industry. With the help of their furniture designers, they were able to create a unique style for the customers based on the quality, practicality, and sustainable solution.

For more information you may checkout their furniture catalog at http://www.homewoodscreation.ph/ and follow them on social media at https://www.facebook.com/homewoodscreation/ you can also check out their interior design portfolio at https://homewoodscreationfurnishing.blogspot.com


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