Chewable Vitamin Bears Finally Reached Our Shores! Thanks To A Homegrown Brand

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It seems like bears have dethroned the usual pills, capsules, and tablets in the wellness industry. Go to Instagram, you will see that #hairgummies alone have 5,000+ posts, and there are lots of other tags for vitamin gummy bears.

The trend began when Western influencers started to rave about sugar hair gummies, which claim to make your hair long, strong, and beautiful. The hype was too much that you literally see most brands follow along. Soon enough, chewable vitamins are all over social media.

But here in the Philippines, our options were still limited. Safe to say, we were falling behind the trend. Finally, a homegrown #proudlypinoy brand came and rescued us from our FOMO. VitaBears brought the ever-famous yummy chewable vitamins to Philippine shores.

You may think that they are just another brand that is in it for the clout. You may even doubt if these vitamins actually work. Well, there are already a lot of reviews. All you have is to do is search them on YouTube. After all, everyone is excited about these adorable vitamins.

What is VitaBears and what exactly does it have to flex?

VitaBears was born out of a boring idea: regular vitamins are too basic; no fun; lame. They wanted to turn vitamins into a more enjoyable feat. Where you get excited to wake up in the morning and get it in your system—not loathe it.

Unlike other chewable vitamin brands, VitaBears actually let you have choices. It is not a single multi-vitamin. If you have problems with managing your weight, they have a vitamin for that. Tired of hair fall? They’ve got that covered too. Better skin? Yes! Getting sick despite staying at home? Maybe your immune system needs a boost or you just need a detox—VitaBears have a gummy for that too.

Here’s what they offer:

  • Hair+Skin+Nails Vitamins
  • Skin Vitamin Gummies
  • Hair Vitamin Gummies
  • Detox Gummies
  • Fat Buster Gummies
  • Super-C Gummies

Salons, wellness centers, and spas are still only catering to a limited capacity. In some parts of the Philippines, they are entirely closed down. There is no doubt that booking for a salon treatment or a nail care session from your go-to places will be hard.

But do you really have to go out just to pamper yourself?

VitaBears Hair+Skin+Nails Vitamins
VitaBears Hair+Skin+Nails Vitamins

You can do so by staying safe at home with VitaBears Hair+Skin+Nails Vitamins, the all-in-one beauty supplement you need to get your beauty trifecta some TLC. It has every nutrient you need, like Biotin, Vitamin A, C, D3, Inositol, Glutathione, Glucine, Glycine, Magnesium, Collagen, and more, that promotes a healthy scalp, hair growth, and strong hair. It also aids in strengthening your nails. Plus, you already know what glutathione and collagen do to your skin. Therefore, you will see fewer symptoms of hair fall, brittle hair, and dull skin.

VitaBears Skin Vitamin Gummies
VitaBears Skin Vitamin Gummies

If your problems are more geared on your skin, you can just opt for VitaBears Skin Vitamin Gummies. The glutathione and collagen in it promote cell rejuvenation and skin exfoliation. It helps get rid of the dead skin cells that are occupying the first 18 to 23 layers of your skin. Ever wonder why your skin looks dull, dry, and flaky? It’s because the healthy new skin is buried under the dead ones. Now, you know.

VitaBears Hair Vitamins
VitaBears Hair Vitamins

On the other hand, if you are among the lucky ones who are born and blessed with perfect skin but are concerned about thinning hair, VitaBears Hair Vitamins are for you. It has biotin, vitamin A, C, D3,  inositol, and more. All of which gives you lustrous hair, a healthy scalp, faster hair growth, more shine and volume, and repair damaged hair. But most importantly, it adds more Vitamin D3 to your system, which can help if you are anemic or have an iron deficiency.

VitaBears Detox Gummies
VitaBears Detox Gummies

You may not know it but your body is full of toxins. And the longer you rely on takeouts for your meals with little to no exercise, the longer they will stay inside you. Of course, you can dilute apple cider vinegar in water and then, take a shot of it every day. But, be honest. It does not taste good, and unless you have the willpower, it will not stay in your morning routine.

You can still get all the benefits of ACV without dealing with the nasty smell of, well, vinegar. VitaBears Detox Gummies has real apples and every detoxifying benefit of ACV. When you get rid of the toxins inside you, your body’s natural defense systems go back to normal. You get protected better from sickness. Also, it boosts your energy and helps with digestion, hence reducing bloatedness.

VitaBears Fat Buster Gummies
VitaBears Fat Buster Gummies

Now, onto the breakthrough star—VitaBears Fat Buster Gummies. You ain’t seen weight loss like this before. Aside from letting you have a sweet treat every day, these yummy vitamins are packed with pure garcinia cambogia extracts that help you manage your weight naturally.

Garcinia cambogia is a tiny pumpkin-like fruit native to Indonesia. It can increase serotonin levels to help elevate your moods and curb hunger. This fruit is also known for its ability to block fat formation by fighting citrate lyase or the enzyme that plays a key role in your body’s fat production.

Still, do not expect immediate results. If you genuinely care about your fitness goals, you already know that letting your vitamins do all the work for you will not give you the results you want. You still have to get into a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

VitaBears Super-C Booster Gummies
VitaBears Super-C Booster Gummies

As of writing, there are 14,708 new cases of Covid-19 in the Philippines. If our health officials’ pity party on social media does not stress you enough, let us tell you something else: Covid-19 does not tire. It keeps on evolving into a stronger and more contagious variant, most of us already lost track.

Until the Philippines finally gets herd immunity, which is unlikely due to the pace of our vaccination efforts, your best bet would be staying at home and improving your body’s defense system. That is why Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is so popular now.

You may have been taking in ascorbic acid for your whole life. The usual white tablets and orange capsules are not really that enticing. Why not graduate into a more enjoyable way to get this immune-boosting vitamin into your body? VitaBears lets you get your dose of Vitamin C in adorable chewable vitamins shaped like a bear. Aesthetics aside, it helps in boosting the immune system, supporting healthy brain function, improving blood circulation, and destroying bacteria and viruses.

All of these vitamins are FDA-approved, which is a huge and major plus!

VitaBears has yet to hit the shelves of your local favorite pharmacy and grocery stores. But you can get first dibs through, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, and Instagram.

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