Ellis Co gives a glimpse of his debut collection for urban high fashion label ARCHIVES

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Memoirs of the Future

Young Filipino designer Ellis Co invites everyone to “reminisce the future” with his upcoming collection “Memoirs of the Future.” Merging the past and what’s to come through design, the collection is set to mark the launch of his urban high fashion label ARCHIVES, established earlier this year.

designer Ellis Co
designer Ellis Co

In making the collection, Ellis took influences from Brutalist architectural style from the ‘50s and ‘60s and New Brutalism from Berlin and Copenhagen. Known for its monolithic appearance and geometric beauty, the architectural movement is combined with the Japanese fashion aesthetic. This makes the collection a showcase of ensembles that reimagines silhouettes aiming to redefine clothing function and reimagine the idea of fashion for individuals.

“I chose the brand name ARCHIVES because the clothes that I design are timeless and lasting pieces, and in itself, a collection of historical records,” Ellis, the brand’s founder, and director of design, says. “I perceive these pieces as the remnants of me as a designer for years to come, and years after I’m gone.”

“For this collection, I tasked myself with redefining function by adding and creating new functions on my designs,” he adds.

This is not the first time Ellis dipped his toes in fashion. At age 16, Ellis started designing shirts and selling shoes. While working as the Assistant Vice President for Operations for his family’s real estate and construction company, Sunwest Group Holdings Company, Inc., the 21-year-old designer established two fashion brands prior to ARCHIVES. In his latest endeavor, he is joined by visual artist Reika Mayani, who serves as the creative director of the brand.

Ellis Co - Memoirs of the Future
ARCHIVES’ “Memoir of the Future” collection

During a press preview, members of the media got a glimpse of the “Memoirs of the Future,” presenting the pieces designed with the idea of “deja vu” in mind. “When I design, I’m very focused on the silhouette, how the shape looks, how the piece drops on the body, especially, the minor details,” Ellis muses. “Basically, I’m trying to make something that hasn’t been done yet but is still familiar. I try to find the familiarity in the unfamiliar.”


ARCHIVES’ “Memoir of the Future” collection will be revealed on July 27, 2022, at Whitespace Manila in Chino Roces Ave. Ext., Makati City, which will be live streamed online. Beyond just a traditional runway show, the collection’s launch will be a truly multi-sensory experience with a graphic projection of the line’s inspiration, a taste of the future with molecular gastronomy, and a scentstation, all leading to the unveiling of the collection with a unique sound experience as the designer will produce original music for the show.

The prod team of Ellis Co

To stay updated about the coming of “Memoirs of the Future,” follow @archives.galerie on Instagram.

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