Google introduces new app that uses 40% less data

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In the first-ever Google for Philippines event in Manila, the search giant has announced the launch of Google Go app, a new app that provides a lighter and faster way to search the web using 40% fewer data to display search results.

Google for Philippines Google GoFor Filipinos going online for the first time, Google brings a new way to enjoy the best of internet in one convenient app with Google Go. Making the announcement, Simon Tokumine, Group Product Manager for Search, said, “Google Go, a new AI-powered “all-in-one app” for the internet, helps new smartphone owners using the web for the first time discover websites and apps easily.”

Google for Philippines Google GoGoogle Go brings the best of the web to your fingertips with just a tap on your smartphones devices. Google Go has three special features that meet the needs of users who are new to the internet. First, typing on a small device can be slow and cumbersome, and people may not know what to look for online, so Google Go’s tap-first user interface helps them better express themselves, explore new ideas, find things to share and guide them around the web. Second, Google Go is light on storage and data, and great on patchy connections. It’s less than 5MB to download, and search results in Google Go are optimized to save up to 40% data.

Google for Philippines Google GoUsing this technology, consuming long-form text becomes as easy as watching TV or listening to the radio. It’s also helpful for multitasking, like following a recipe while cooking a meal, listening to articles while exercising, or catching up on news on your commute. Simply press “play” on any website, and Google Go will read the text out loud, highlighting each word in real-time. Google Go uses AI to help identify the right parts of the page to read and generate a natural, smooth experience even on 2G connections.

Google Go is now available on the Google Play Store and will also come pre-installed on Android (Go edition) devices.

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