Huawei dealers offers full-refund if Google Apps are not working

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Over 30 retailers including MemoXpress, Rulls, Tekpone, FONERange, Intogadgets, and more to offer a full-refund reassuring consumers that all Huawei devices purchased from them are fully equipped with Google services.

Huawei Special Warranty

According to Huawei dealers, All devices covered by this special warranty will have no issue concerning usage of Google apps and services such as the Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Photos, Chrome and YouTube, as well as non-Google ones such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Mariel Tanggol, a Huawei concept store supervisor and a firm supporter of the brand, mentioned how thrilled her sales team was after hearing about the warranty program. “Before the warranty program, nakita ko naman sa mga sales promoters yung eagerness nila to help out consumers with their questions. Pero after lumabas yung warranty, nakita ko rin, as a supervisor, kung paano bumalik yung confidence and sigla nila sa pag-demo ng units and pag-explain sa customer tungkol sa issue,” Mariel lively says.

Mariel together with her sales team from the SM Mall of Asia branch felt consumers’ trust and confidence towards the brand and has even seen a significant impact in sales after the announcement of the warranty program. Ultimately, consumers will benefit the most with the warranty program wherein they [consumers] now think that what they paid for is worth it, with some stating, “Yung nilabas kong pera hindi mawawalan ng halaga”. Also, according to Mariel, most consumers were surprised with the fact that Huawei offers after-sales services like this and found that 99% of consumers that the sales promoters share the news with, shared ecstatic remarks about this while showing contentment as well.

“We are one with Huawei in pushing for quality service including after-sales initiatives that will surely put Filipino consumers first.” said Mr. Edward Tan, Vice President for Operations at MemoXpress. “We express our support and full trust with Huawei through this special warranty program to prove that Huawei devices are safe to purchase.”

We’ll update the article once we receive the full list of participating stores.

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