Love Your Own Glow with K Glow

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Love Your Own Glow with K Glow

Just like Korean Skincare Brands out in the market, we have our own #opPADILLA, Mr. Daniel Padilla, as our brand ambassador to ensure that you can achieve your own glow with Love K Glow. 

Love K Glow is the newest Korean body care line in the market that offers whip soaps, body scrubs, and body creams. Collagen is a great part of a person’s body and it shouldn’t be just taken through tablets or injected into the skin but also is applied to your skin. This isn’t your ordinary beauty brand because Love K Glow is the ultimate glow standard of Korean skin and body care as all the products carry a tri-formula ingredient that is anti-aging, anti-acne, and brightening and it proves to whiten your skin in just 5 days!

Daniel Padilla is the LOVE k-glow oppa!

Love K Glow’s Collagen Bright Whitening Soap, the first in the market, consists of the ingredients your skin needs. This soap includes collagen as its main ingredient to keep your skin plump and maintain its youthful glow. But the K-Glow magic doesn’t just stop there! The soap also contains alpha-arbutin and kojic acid. These ingredients  help whiten your skin whereas salicylic acid which is one of the top ingredients in Korean skincare today helps exfoliate your skin, reduces dark spots, and prevents acne. In just 5 days, you will already see the K-Glow difference in your skin! 

One of the newest products of Love K Glow is the Ginseng + Collagen Brightening Ice Scrub, packed with Collagen and Ginseng that’s one of the top ingredients or herbs that Koreans usually take to improve their overall health. Ginseng is known to be an antioxidant that helps the skin achieve bright and healthy-looking skin. Exfoliation may sound a little scary but this scrub has a cooling effect that leaves you moisturized as it brightens and smoothens your skin in just 5 days!

K Glow Flawless Bright Body Cream

For your last body care routine, after all the exfoliation and cleansing, you can moisturize with Love K Glow’s Flawless Bright Body Cream to achieve that plump, bright, and flawless skin. With this body cream, you can achieve instant glowing skin as it moisturizes and strengthens your skin barrier. Exfoliating may cause dryness sometimes and pairing the Ice Scrub with this will provide the post-exfoliation needs of your skin and just like the other products, it whites your skin in just 5 days and it is not your ordinary body cream that has a sticky feeling after applying, with Love K Glow’s Flawless Bright Body Cream, it has a radiant powdery finish which makes your skin smooth and has no sticky feeling afterward. Since we are in a tropical country, it’s best to use a body cream that won’t let you feel uncomfortable after using it.

The best thing about Love K Glow is that it comes as a set but works well individually. As they say, products combined together work the best from exfoliation to cleansing and moisturizing. Love K Glow offers you products that whiten your skin in just 5 days!

Just like your kpop albums and skincare sets, our soap comes with a photocard of our #opPADILLA. For hard-core fans out there, what are you waiting for? Get an inclusive photocard of Daniel Padilla when you buy our Collagen Bright Whitening Soap!

Love K-Glow is available at Watsons physical stores, Watsons Online, and through the Watsons’ Shopee Store.

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