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UNIQLO LifeWear, 2019 Fall/Winter

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UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

“Form Follows Function” expresses the design principle of modernism that arose in the early 20th century. Things with superior function have an efficient beauty. The reverse is also true. Function and beauty are closely connected in a way that cannot be separated. While this phrase remains just as fresh a century later, UNIQLO is examining it in a new light in the Fall/Winter 2019 season.

The required function changes moment to moment according to the era and setting. Rediscover workwear to move seamlessly between work and play. Make the inspiration that comes from creative design an everyday occurrence.

The form of apparel evolves together with diversifying lifestyles, transforming into a more comfortable silhouette.


UNIQLO is taking these new forms that fit with the times and synchronizing them with the spirit of LifeWear, enhancing them to create new designs that cross the boundaries of generation and gender.

UNIQLO makes the everyday lives of people more comfortable, warm, and happy. Cold weather is fast approaching. Open the door to a new standard.


Stylish and warm take the lead in dressing well
“Volume” and “hybrid” are the keywords this season

Relaxed sizing and light, fluffy silhouettes are emerging as the trends this fall/winter season. UNIQLO is focusing on “volume” and “hybrid” to add excitement and warmth to this year’s stylings. The main items are Ultra Light Down, with a matte texture suitable for wear around town, and the Hybrid Down Series, incorporating a perfect balance of mobility and warmth. The smart look of this outerwear, even when worn over heavy cotton hoodies or thick knits, gives a light touch to generally dull winter styles. The broad lineup also includes outerwear that will make you look forward to cold days, such as jackets and coats for in-between seasons, as well as Blocktech and Seamless Down.

Women – On-trend styles with a single item

The emphasis in the women’s line is outerwear with a light feel, handy for early fall. UNIQLO shirt coats offer a sharp styling when worn over just a T-shirt, with a clean silhouette and easy nature. The Blocktech series, incorporating windproof, waterproof, and moisture permeation functionality, has been expanded with additional fall/winter colors, greatly expanding its mix-and-match potential. For Ultra Light Down, which has been dramatically improved with increased volume, UNIQLO is introducing a feminine-style cocoon silhouette. These new items are sure to make coordinating outfits more enjoyable.

Men – The perfect balance of function and design

The essential item for this season’s menswear line is the Hybrid Down Series, offering a perfect balance of easy mobility and warmth. The design utilizes different materials for different parts of the body to enhance ease of movement, and was inspired by the models created for professional snowboarder and UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador Ayumu Hirano. The clean silhouette brings out the style and charm of the wearer. The Ultra Light Down lineup includes a voluminous jacket type, and an urban-style jacket. These packable jackets are exceedingly useful for business trips or traveling.


Fleece advances to a new stage
25th anniversary of UNIQLO fleece

Launched in 1994, UNIQLO is celebrating 25 years of fleece this year. Light and warm, and available in a wide variety of colors, fleece works well as a middle layer with outerwear, and is now an essential part of the fall/winter wardrobe. In recent years fleece has also become increasingly essential from an ecological standpoint, incorporated in fashion as an alternative to real fur. The status of fleece continues to grow as a new standard item for fall/winter, and as a next-generation fashion item.

Boa fleece even looks warm

UNIQLO fleece continues to evolve in terms of both appearance and comfort. The highlight for this season is soft and comfy Boa Fleece. These items have the look of fluffy sheep’s wool, with offerings including V-neck zip-up cardigans and blouson-type jackets. New in the women’s line are boa fleece tailored coats and collarless coats. Boa fleece is certain to play a leading role as outerwear.

A lineup with rich variation

The UNIQLO fleece lineup also includes items such as full-zip and fluffy fleece, with modern silhouettes and details. For the men’s line, we are launching half-zip fleece that can be worn as sports casual. The fleece series comprises items with various expressions and silhouettes, including many pieces jointly developed with Uniqlo U and other distinctive creators. Fleece is quickly evolving as a next-generation fashion item for people of all ages.


Comfort you will want to wear every day

Quality, refined, relaxed

“Quality” and “refined” are the essential keywords for UNIQLO knitwear and its neatly relaxed style. This season UNIQLO is offering a richly varied lineup with exclusive new materials, modern silhouettes, and fresh colors. We are presenting a new relaxed style with knits.

Focus on lightweight comfort and softness

In women’s knits, UNIQLO is introducing Soufflé Yarn, a new material that is soft, lightweight, and comfortable. Brushing incorporates air, providing lightness and softness. The popular premium lambswool developed last year, is one of our stand-out achievements, using extremely fine premium wool of just 19.5 microns to provide blissful warmth and amazing softness. 

The men’s lineup features basic designs for daily wear, with a refined feel and color variations evoking the outdoors. 

New women’s items include a relaxed silhouette crew neck sweater and shaped cardigan, to create beautiful silhouettes.

Updates to extra fine merino and cashmere

UNIQLO’s extra fine Merino knits, made with 100% Merino wool and offered in rich color variations, and knits in 100% cashmere – called the ‘jewel of fibers’ because of its exceptional feel – are offered in a lineup from elegant and authentic designs to on-trend silhouettes and details. The comfortable feel looks even smarter!


Just right everyday comfort and relaxation
Wide silhouette as the new standard

Casual, clean, outdoor, work – UNIQLO has a broad lineup of bottoms in variations to fit a wide range of settings and lifestyles. For FW19 we are adding a wide silhouette to the lineup, following the trend for relaxation and comfort. This style is emerging as the new standard to enhance individuality, becoming the key silhouette for the season’s look.

Curve pants for women, regular fit for men

In women’s bottoms, the featured item exemplifying this new silhouette is curve pants, with a wide bottom fitted around the hips to the top of the leg, and a gentle curve that gives an extended, sharp look down the leg. The suggested styling for these bottoms is to roll up the cuffs to match the outfit, making them perfect for daily use. In men’s items, we are launching regular fit bottoms in sync with the current relaxed style. The slightly deeper rise and relaxed tapered silhouette creates a clean impression. This new silhouette is being offered in a vintage chino material, as well as jeans.

Refine your personal style with rich choice

UNIQLO is further enhancing its existing lineup with advancements in materials and details. In the women’s line, for skirts the key length will be long midi, along with the launch of chino material front buttons, draping circular styles, long pleats, and knit skirts. Other core items include EZY ankle pants for a clean and casual look, and leggings pants that balance perfectly with volume tops. 

For men, UNIQLO is offering reliably popular jeans and EZY ankle pants, as well as jogger pants as a casual wear item. The focus on a clean-looking trouser type design gives these bottoms the quality of playing a leading role. With such a huge expansion of choice, you are sure to find the perfect bottoms for your personal style!

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Make off time smart and playful
For a tomorrow more comfortable than today

A warm bath or massage is not the only thing that relaxes a tense mind and body. Changing into comfortable relax wear when you get home is also a key way to alleviate stress. UNIQLO lounge wear is clothing with stress-free materials and functionality, as well as a clean look, and lets you feel comfortable from the moment you put it on. This is relax wear to welcome a tomorrow that is better than today.

New cashmere-like material for women’s line

A soft knit jersey material is being launched in the women’s line in 19FW. This new fabric has a cashmere-like texture that creates a luxurious feeling, and fills the heart just by wearing it. Also being introduced this season is a warm type of the sporty ultra stretch material. This fabric retains the same light, soft, and clean feel, along with a warm, napped inner lining to help avoid chills, a common issue for women. The lineup of bottoms has also been expanded for both women and men, with a greater selection of colors and updated materials. The focus on comfort shines through.

Combine with outerwear for one mile wear

This season’s lineup features greater variation in materials, colors, and patterns, as well as updated designs to make items more stylish. Casually paired with outerwear, these bottoms can also be enjoyed as ‘one mile’ wear. A clean top can be added to cotton relax pants for a natural feel, or an oversized coat thrown over the ultra stretch set for a quick trip to the neighborhood shop. Feel the freedom of stylish relaxation anywhere and anytime!


Comfort and peace of mind with happy smiles
Supporting the healthy growth of children

The pursuit of ever-better designs to make everyday life more comfortable is one of the main aims of UNIQLO LifeWear. We make absolutely no compromises on this principle when it comes to children’s clothing either. UNIQLO seeks to offer stress-free materials and designs for energetic and vigorously growing children, while also focusing on comfort and feel, providing robust support for the growth of children.

Refined designs like children’s versions of adult apparel

This season’s designs are becoming more fashionable. Outerwear and sweats are available in more variations, while items such as MA-1 jackets and boa fleece reversible jackets are offered in the same designs as the adult versions. Using the same materials also allows parents and children to coordinate outfits. The lineup of bottoms is also greatly expanded, with new jogger pants and chinos. The range of colors, from eye-popping primary colors to dusty nuance tones, allows color coordination to match individual personalities.

Expanded lineup of items enjoyable to wear or receive

Items that kids enjoy wearing and make the whole family smile are ideal gifts. UNIQLO has a greater choice of unconditionally delightful items, from on-trend cute pieces to basic items that are functional and comfortable. Careful attention has been paid to details to ensure safety, ensuring peace of mind for both the giver and recipient.


UNIQLO as the first choice
Anticipating the big day

The days leading up to the birth of a baby are filled with happiness. Once the baby is born, let UNIQLO provide the things you will need. We have all the necessary items, from award-winning crew neck body baby clothes, to bibs and wrappers for delicate newborn skin. 

The crew neck bodies, wrappers, bibs, fraise coveralls and other items are designed in the same patterns, greatly enhancing the joy by allowing them to be combined into gift sets, or used as outfits to dress babies when sending photos to distant relatives. Looking to UNIQLO as the first choice in preparing for childbirth is becoming the new standard.

Sharing the excitement with the whole family

For toddlers, UNIQLO is greatly expanding the variation of colors and patterns for its cut-and-sew items and tops. Examples include a crew neck T-shirt with frills, and a new pull-over sweat with warm napped lining. In outerwear, we are launching fur fleece jackets with a cute fluffy look. A broader choice greatly increases the joy of selecting and wearing items. 

Leggings have become a regular item, and UNIQLO has enhanced its offerings with loose waist designs in a stretchy material that makes them easier to put on and take off, as well as introducing solid frill types, and new colors and patterns for fleece leggings. These items incorporate the UNIQLO philosophy of being an integral part of the everyday life of energetic children.


Refined style accompanied by French chic fashion

The collection created with global fashion icon Ines de la Fressange is essential wear delivering beauty and comfort to all women. The image for this season is drawn from Ines’s childhood memories of Megève, and the line continues to offer the comfort and quality of UNIQLO LifeWear as a regular part of everyday lifestyles.

Collection reflects Ines’s fond memories from the ski resort of Megève

Megève in France is a charming panorama dotted with traditional churches and small bridges, as well as small and stately lodges exuding a nostalgic elegance. It is a special place where the sensibilities of the town residents and the holiday season visitors intermingle. To Ines, this place is a chic winter scene.

Elegant black color offered for the first time

The main color palate comprises warm amber, and white reminiscent of new-fallen snow, and for the first time black, a color with a special significance for the French people. By featuring cool black, this collection further expresses a refined elegance. Duffel coats and oversized down parkas can be accented with sweaters in nostalgic ski knit patterns and border stripes. Corduroy jackets maintain the refined feel with styling in a cool monotone, creating the look of a scene from a 1970s movie. The perfect match of sporty lightness and chic coloring raises the status of a relaxed winter fashion.


In search of contented comfort and elegance
Commitment to comfort for all women

HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO expresses the rich diversity of world cultures with graceful forms and satisfying comfort. The collection of everyday wear has received positive attention around the world ever since its first launch. 

Fall/Winter 2019 marks the ninth season for UNIQLO to collaborate with New York-based, UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima. With careful attention to detail and commitment to comfort, the collection is designed to enhance the beauty of all women regardless of age, ethnicity, culture, or belief. 

Strength, beauty, and grace

This season focuses on the strength and beauty of women, elegantly presented by the fine balance of both feminine and masculine details in the designs. The key colors were inspired from minerals found in the earth, creating a nuanced color palatte of blues, oranges, beige browns, and reds. Some of the tops and bottoms are available in matching colors, allowing them to be styled as a two-piece outfit. 

The new daily-use luxury range is being launched this fall, which includes silk-blend dresses, blouses, and pants. The black and brown dresses feature a shirred back design that makes them easy to wear, and creates a comfortable yet graceful silhouette.

Uniqlo U

Continually advancing new basic
New Basic beyond the Style

The design team led by Christophe Lemaire creates Uniqlo U at the UNIQLO Research and Development Center in Paris. Employing innovative materials, pursuing new standards in craftsmanship, and exploring contemporary shapes, Uniqlo U is our commitment to reimagine basics for your everyday clothing. Uniqlo U continually provides a new basic.

Refined and Accessible new collection

The 2019 Fall/Winter collection offers a refined and accessible answer to the fall and winter weather. Our Paris design team used advanced, proprietary fabrics such as BLOCHTECH in creating exceptional outerwear. 

LifeWear essentials evolve through new materials, colors, and shapes. Straight-leg corduroy and denim pants pair with boxier silhouettes in unexpected and striking new ways – clothes that make an intelligent statement through their simplicity, quality and design.  

For more updates, customers may download the UNIQLO mobile app, visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website at and social media account, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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