Beko Revolutionizes Home Living with Durable and Sustainable Appliances

Beko’s high-quality range of appliances helps them store food, prepare and cook meals, ensure the home is clean, and wash and iron clothes.

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In the fast-paced world we live in, finding balance and tranquility is essential. Global appliance brand Beko commits that they don’t just offer a wide range of home appliances, but a lifestyle – the “Beko State of Mind.” This unique approach centers around the reliability and convenience offered by Beko appliances, transforming the way we experience daily life at home.

In the Philippines, families have relied on Beko’s high-quality range of appliances to help them store food, prepare and cook meals, make sure the home is clean, and wash and iron clothes. For example, Beko refrigerators with HarvestFresh use a three-color light system that simulates the 24-hour natural sun cycle to preserve essential vitamins and minerals in fresh produce for longer. Most importantly, it helps you to lessen your grocery visits as you get to enjoy your fruits and vegetables for a longer time, allowing you and your family to enjoy more healthy dishes.

“Beko promotes integrating the Beko State of Mind in everyday life, inspiring Filipinos to experience a more convenient way of living through European-style and high-tech product lines. Beko provides what customers are looking for and that is the opportunity to live a better and convenient life,” said Gürhan Günal, Beko’s country director in the Philippines.

Having the Beko State of Mind also means living sustainably as Beko’s appliances are environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions, water consumption, and waste production. Beko’s appliances are truly an investment in the long run as these are designed to provide energy saving with lifestyle upgrades and luxury appliance experience at affordable price offers.

This year, Beko will be launching a series of technologies and innovations that guarantee their consumers reliable, durable and good quality home appliances which give them comfort and make them feel at ease.

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