JBL Earphones on Shopee that’ll make your workout more fun

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JBL Earphones on Shopee

Exercising may be tough but it can be more fun with music. It keeps us motivated, helps us to push harder, and make it more enjoyable. We use music during exercise to distract ourselves from the pain and fatigue of our workout. It also helps us boost our mood and motivate us to push through. Music has become a powerful tool to help us go through a rigid workout.

In other words, music may pump you up and it may even help you workout harder and longer than you would without it.

However, not all fitness headphones are made the same. We’ve compiled a list of five JBL earphones that will help you get through to the end of even the most strenuous workout routine.

The JBL Endurance Sprint Waterproof Wireless In-Ear Sport Headphones is a great workout headphones with IPX7 certification. This means that you can wash the earbuds with water and you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain.

According to JBL, this wireless headphones can last at least 8 hours of wireless playback on a single charge. Comfort and fit are excellent, thanks to the secure fit ear hook design that provides ultimate stability during workout.

JBL Endurance Sprint
JBL Endurance Sprint

Available in Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Teal.

Original Price: ₱3,199
Discounted Price: ₱2,499

The JBL Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® features a surprisingly excellent sound quality. What makes these earbuds really suited for your workouts is the IPX7 water resistance. This means it can survive immersion in water (up to 1m) for thirty minutes. Giving you the confidence to take it out for the most rigorous workouts without fearing any form of malfunction.

It uses a winged ear tips and bud combination to maximize comfort and fit. The included charging case is rugged and is a little bit larger than most cases but will still fit in your pockets.

According to JBL, It has a battery life of 5 hours of listening time on a single charge. The charging case will get you an additional 20 hours, giving you a total of 25 hours of battery life.

JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash
JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash

Original Price: ₱9,999
Discounted Price: ₱7,999

JBL’s Tune 120TWS true wireless earphones offers strong bass depth and crisp highs for a reasonable price. Thanks to a 5.8mm driver featuring JBL Pure Bass sound.

In terms of comfort, the earbuds are ergonomically-designed to provide a comfortable fit and let you listen for extended periods without ear fatigue. It also features an intuitive and handy controls that are conveniently located on each earpiece, including one click access to Siri and Google Now.

According to JBL, It has a battery life of 4 hours of audio playback on a single charge. The charging case will get you an additional 12 hours giving you a total of 16 hour battery life.


Available in Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and White.

Original Price: ₱5,999
Discounted Price: ₱4,799

The JBL Endurance Peak is great for sports and workout. It features a very stable twist lock ear hook design that wraps over the back of the ears and follows the ears’ natural contour for a snug fit. It also has an IPX7 certification water-resistance rating.

As for the battery life, it can keep you upbeat with 4 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The charging case will get you an additional 24 hours giving you a total of 28 hours battery life.

JBL Endurance PEAK
JBL Endurance PEAK

Available in Black, Blue, and Red.

Original Price: ₱6,999
Discounted Price: ₱5,499

JBL Endurance Dive is JBL’s wireless waterproof headphones specifically designed for swimmers. These headphones are advertised to be waterproof with an IPX7 certification rating. It also features a built-in MP3 Player with 1GB memory internal storage that allows you to store and access your favorite music tracks directly from your headphones.

Battery life is pretty good, the JBL Endurance Dive can last 8 hours of uninterrupted music on full charge.

JBL Endurance DIVE
JBL Endurance DIVE

Available in Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Teal

Original Price: ₱5,299
Discounted Price: ₱4,199

Finding the right headphones is not easy for those with an active lifestyle but hopefully, this list of recommendations has taken some burden off your shoulders with a narrowed down list of choices.

These are just some of the many awesome products you may find at JBL’s official store at Shopee Mall. For those who are not yet familiar with the app, you can download it via App StoreGoogle Play, and AppGallery or place orders via browser at www.shopee.ph

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