LG Unveils New Monitors for Work, Play, and Everything In-Between

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LG UltraGear Monitor

Over the past year, working from home has gone from the exception to the norm. The convenience of foregoing hours stuck in traffic and being safe from the pandemic directly translates to increased happiness, efficiency, and productivity. Consumers were quick to transition at home. However, not all setups were conducive as a workspace. One of the biggest issues that arose was the requirement for proper computer monitors. One of the segments that grew the most over the past year has been monitors. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), in the 4th quarter of 2020, the monitor market grew 16.9% yearly, surpassing 39.2 million units worldwide. 

LG Electronics, always at the forefront of innovation, has seen this surge and developed a new line of monitors that improve upon existing technology to help users even more. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a budding streamer, or just working from home, LG has a monitor that’s perfect for you. They provide a wide variety of improved features, from breathtaking colors and fast response time to clearer images, to enhance customers’ experience. 

To introduce the new line of monitors to the local market, LG Electronics Philippines hosted the LG Monitors: Performance Beyond Boundaries livestream event on their social media channel to showcase what the new displays are all about. This was hosted by LG brand ambassador Luis Manzano and featured several other influencers who have experienced the new line of monitors: actor and director Joross Gamboa, photographer Magic Liwanag, and gamer, cosplayer, and content creator Myrtle Sarrosa.

Monitors for Work
LG Philippines Managing Director Sungjae Kim LG Monitors Brand Ambassador Luis Manzano LG Philippines Product Director for Monitors Peter Uhm

LG UltraWide™ monitors lets you immerse in everything from content creation to gaming. See a panoramic view made possible by the extra wide 21:9 IPS display for true color accuracy at wide angles. Experience easier multitasking, quickly switch between applications, and enjoy a full, unencumbered view. It offers 33% more screen space than a regular 16:9 aspect ratio. Stop Alt-tabbing and start viewing side-by-side. HDR10 brings work and virtual worlds to life, backed by up to 350 nits of brightness. This display tech elevates textures, elements, character movements, and natural light and shadow. The 3-side, virtually borderless design with slim bezels will give you a wider view of your screen. For gaming, AMD FreeSync technology eliminates the tearing difference between the graphics card’s frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate. Joross Gamboa admired the versatility of the LG UltraWide™. “LG monitors give you the flexibility to adapt to situations as they happen. Whether for work or leisure, LG UltraWide™ will get the job done for you.”

The UltraFine Display Ergo has a flexible ergonomic stand that can be adapted to each user’s environmental characteristics, including physical attributes. It can improve not only work productivity and efficiency but also user convenience. LG’s technologically and ergonomically advanced stand helps to promote good posture through its high degree of adjustability, enabling each user to create a perfectly customized workstation. LG’s UHD IPS Display features realistic, true color, enhanced contrast, clarity, and detail at wide angles. UHD 4K resolution presents breathtaking clarity and fine detail with four times the resolution of Full HD. In particular, HDR delivers a more dramatic, dynamic visual immersion experience. Magic Liwanag was ecstatic about the color rendition of the LG UltraFine monitor. “The 4K IPS display delivers a comfortable viewing experience by reducing color shift from different vantage points. After shooting, editing, and printing, all the colors are correct.”

LG UltraGear™ line of monitors lets you pave the way to victory with crisp visuals, fast response time, and the sharpest clarity. If you’re fed up with dimming and flickering screens, you’ve come to the right monitor. With IPS 1ms Gray to Gray, you’ll dominate and clinch victory without the side effects of extreme speed. It is an NVIDIA-tested and officially verified G-Sync® Compatible monitor, reducing screen tearing and minimizing stutter for a smoother, faster gaming experience. Objects are rendered more clearly for smoother gameplay and an almost surreal visual fluidity. Seeing even the most dynamic and fast-moving objects amidst all the action can give gamers a competitive edge. IPS display with 99% sRGB provides outstanding color accuracy and a wider viewing angle, delivering high-fidelity color for reproducing even more vivid scenes on the battlefield. With a connection to an HDR-capable console (Xbox One S / PS4 Pro) or HDR-supported graphics card, users will enjoy punchier brightness and highlights with deeper shadows and silhouettes. Myrtle Sarrosa gushed about how her LG UltraGear™ monitors have helped level up her gameplay. “It virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. Dynamic Action Sync elevates your gameplay for a pro-level experience.” 

LG still delivers the standard monitor. LG Monitor with IPS Full HD Display technology highlights the performance of liquid crystal displays. Response times are shortened, color reproduction is improved, and users can view the screen at wide angles. This display has a slim bezel on three sides and doesn’t interfere with dazzling precision, which allows you to create an optimized work environment through convenient tilt adjustment. It offers an ergonomic design. Its convenient tilt adjustments with clean uni-body design allow you to create an optimized work environment. Eye strain is reduced thanks to the Flicker safe technology, Reader mode, and Color weakness feature. Luis Manzano was also impressed with his LG Standard monitor. “This has everything you could want in a modern monitor – full HD, borderless design, ergonomic, and eye comfort features. If you want a dedicated work monitor at home, you can’t go wrong with this.”

Sungjae Kim, LG Philippines Managing Director, said, “As the world abruptly pivoted toward working from home, the need to provide monitors that deliver results and promise productivity was crucial. The latest series of monitors delivers superior productivity and entertainment experiences and is perfect for both home and office use. LG is committed to providing the most practical and advanced products that meet users’ daily needs.”

To end the livestream event, Peter Uhm, LG Philippines Product Director for Monitors, shared the brand’s newest plan to promote products for the holiday season: “We hope that introducing these new monitors to the local market will help boost productivity as working from home becomes the norm. We are currently running a three-month celebration of all things LG with the LG Life’s Good Festival. We will be raffling off over 1 million Pesos worth of products, so we hope you will join us in the festivities.”

LG’s newest monitor line is available in all authorized dealers nationwide, both in-store and online. Visit LG.com.ph for a complete list of our retail partners. You can also visit LG’s Official Flagship Stores at Lazada and Shopee.

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