Smart Washing, Soft Caring for Mom with TCL’s new C20 Front Load Washing Machine

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Everyone will agree that mothers always give their selfless love and devotion to their families. And that no matter what circumstances and situations are presented to her, she will make sure that her family is well-fed and nurtured in the best way that she can.

As we celebrate their significance and loving contribution on this special day for all mothers, we always want to give something that can spark joy and be the best assistance in making her daily routine much easier and hassle-free.

TCL, the leading consumer electronics company, presents its newest washing machine model that offers Smart Washing and Soft Caring. Make way for the TCL’s C20 Front Load Washing Machine that is bound to change the way Moms do their laundry.  

The new TCL front-load C20 Wash Pro makes washing clothes such a joy with its 10.5kg capacity and drying capacity of 7kg. Altogether with its notable features namely Honeycomb Crystal Drum, Air Wash, Steam Wash, Fast Washing, and Drying Low Temperature, Softly Drying, and Safety Lock. The Wash Pro C20 also has the DD Inverter Motor for energy and better washing efficiency. 

Lovin’ Laundry Tasks

The TCL Washpro C20 is equipped with a Dryna Heat Inverter that intelligently adjusts the heat level in drying your clothes. Laundry can be frustrating and time-consuming, but the C20’s Drum Clean function ensures that clothes are washed thoroughly every time. The Drum Clean function rapidly flushes the inner cylinder with hot water thus preserving hygiene and ensuring your machine is pristine the next time you want to wash. 

Front Load Washing Machine

Also among the top features of the TCL Washing Pro C20 is the Honeycomb Crystal Drum which has a specially engineered drum pattern for a scrubbing action that removes even the toughest of stains and dirt in every wash while also being gentle enough for delicate fabrics. 

While Steam Washing uses steam and water to clean your fabrics. Steam lifts wrinkles from your clothing, sanitizes fabrics, and allows for the detergent to sink deeper into your linens. This means mom will have more time for herself instead of ironing the clothes.

Lastly, the TCL Washing Pro C20 is powered by Direct Drive Motor that operates more stable, quieter, and more energy saving. This feature enhances the C20’s performance and durability and makes it a purely silent and vibration-less washing machine.

Front Load Washing Machine

It’s always nice to honor our mother’s unwavering commitment to our family in different ways that you can think of.  But in addition to deeds, it’s also wonderful to express our gratitude to her in whatever circumstance we can. The TCL C20 Wash Pro will be available at the TCL authorized dealers starting May 14. For more information, visit the TCL website at

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