Canon’s midrange powerhouses have arrived: EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II

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Canon EOS M6 Mark II Cover

Canon’s newest cameras offer 32.5-megapixel sensors, 4K (no crop) video recording, and more packed in two different bodies that cater to two diverse photography styles.

Canon unveiled its two flagship APS-C models that cater to both DSLR and mirrorless users. The new EOS 90D offers fast and comfortable shooting with its optical viewfinder, excellent shooting performance, and intuitive controls while the latest EOS M6 Mark II delivers superb image quality and high speed in a compact and lightweight form.

“Our latest class-leading products, the EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II, are packed with Canon’s latest imaging technologies suited for both advanced amateurs and those who are looking to upgrade from an entry-level shooter,” said Mr. Benny Yu, Head of Consumer Imaging & Information Division, Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. “The two may be similar in capabilities but they differ in form. The EOS 90D, being a midsize DSLR, boasts of serious and impressive features and the versatile EOS M6 Mark II, with its mirrorless design, offers a lightweight and compact solution. In offering a DSLR and a mirrorless option to our consumers, we are empowering them to select the shooting experience and style they prefer.”

Canon EOS 90D: Built to Perform

The latest addition to the EOS DSLR line, the Canon EOS 90D, is armed with enhanced ergonomics and operability, an advanced viewfinder and Canon’s unique high-speed, high-precision Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus technology. Equipped with a 32.5-megapixel APS-C sensor, users can expect to capture striking images and videos — particularly of fast-moving subjects — with greater ease.

It also features Canon’s unique Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus technology that enables a range of autofocus capabilities. The Eye Detection AF detects the eye of subjects and tracks them, allowing users to maintain focus and create striking portraits, even when their subjects are constantly in motion.

With up to an impressive 5,481 AF positions, users can expect greater freedom of movement and composition without losing focus. Also, the camera’s low-intensity limit of up to EV -5 allows for sharp focus and vivid images even in dark environments.

Powered by advanced DIGIC 8 imaging technology the EOS 90D produces exceptional image quality at 32.5 megapixels with its APS-C CMOS sensor and ISO sensitivity of up to 51, 200. Achievement of up to 11fps in Live View makes sure users do not miss shots of fleeting moments. The silent electronic shutter also goes up to a maximum speed of 1/16,000 sec that could freeze any quick movements.

Canon EOS 90D
Successor to the EOS 80D, the all new Canon EOS 90D is loaded with the latest in digital imaging technology both enthusiasts and advanced users will surely adore. Those accustomed to the EOS ecosystem will feel at home using this midrange shooter with its intuitive modes and controls yet be awed with its new and improved features.

For users preferring to shoot through the optical viewfinder, the precise and extremely fast focusing of the 45 cross-type AF sensor (of which 27 points supporting f/8—ideal for those using teleconverters) is a feature of the EOS 90D they will love, and is paired with high speed continuous shooting up to 10fps (even in Servo AF). 

The optical viewfinder now includes a single-point spot AF as well as EOS iTR (intelligent Tracking and Recognition) for face detection. The 220,000-pixel AE sensor has face detection abilities and corrects exposure even in scenes where detection of skin color is difficult.

The new multi-controller joystick now comes alongside the existing multi-controller to provide more tactile control over the AF point selection. Users will be able to operate the selection of AF points quickly and intuitively while looking through the optical viewfinder or using the Vari-angle LCD monitor. The shutter button on EOS 90D is equipped with a mechanism that reduces fatigue during continuous shooting, a feature that is usually found in high-end camera models.

The EOS 90D is equipped with superb video capabilities, empowering users looking to shoot dynamic footage in 4K 30p/25p (cropped or uncropped can be selected) format. Shooting in cropped mode will enable users to achieve more zoom whereas uncropped mode will allow actual field of view for the lens they use. In addition, focusing by Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables high-quality movie shooting. As high frame rate movies of 120p and 100p can be shot in full HD, even fleeting events can be played smoothly and slowly.

Canon EOS M6 Mark II: Made to Impress

The latest addition to the EOS M series of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras is the EOS M6 Mark II. Enhanced with fast-locking and fast-tracking autofocus for capturing unexpected moments, the EOS M6 Mark II’s compact and lightweight body has a 32.5-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor to ensure vibrant and detailed images and uncropped 4K movie shooting that captures a wider perspective.

Powered by Canon’s latest DIGIC 8 Image Processor, the camera delivers top-notch DSLR performance in a compact form with a high-resolution 32.5-megapixel CMOS sensor giving users the creative freedom to capture vivid sunset shots under low-light conditions and landscape images with smooth tonal gradation under high-contrast conditions. The ability to shoot a wide range of scenes and expressions makes the EOS M6 Mark II a trusty companion for any occasion.

Canon EOS M6 Mark II
The EOS M6 Mark II is a stylish, lightweight and compact camera enabling its users to fit the camera into their shirt pocket or the slip pocket of their bag. It weighs almost half the weight of a midrange DSLR while measuring less than half its size. With intuitively developed features, users can easily begin shooting without the hassle of figuring out the camera’s various functions.

Designed with Canon’s proprietary Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus technology with high-precision AF Tracking and Eye-Detection AF, subjects constantly in motion will stay in focus, resulting in high-quality images that are crisp and sharp. With up to 5,481 AF positions to choose from, users will have all the flexibility they need when it comes to changing the focus position in the frame frequently and adjusting it to their preference. Boasting an impressive low-light focusing limit of EV-5, the EOS M6 Mark II can focus on subjects with high precision in dark conditions.

The EOS M6 Mark II is capable of up to 30 fps continuous shooting in RAW burst mode, allowing users to take multiple images in rapid-fire succession. The EOS M6 Mark II’s electronic shutter appeals to wedding photographers, who can now shoot stealthily and confidently without having to worry about the shutter sound startling their subjects.

Now, venturing into the world of movie-making comes easier using the EOS M6 Mark II which gives users the creative freedom and flexibility to explore different styles of filming. With the option to shoot 4K movies with no cropping, users will be able to get the full field of view of their lens and see the images come to life. It also allows users to produce super slow-motion scenes by shooting at 120p/100p in Full High Definition (FHD).

With the camera’s 3.0-inch tilting LCD, users will be able to shoot from unique and different angles, allowing them to expound on their creativity and discover endless new possibilities with filming. This feature also means selfie-takers can now check themselves out before snapping a shot. The EOS M6 Mark II’s 5-axis movie digital Image Stabilization reduces camera shakes for clearer, sharper videos, even when the user or the camera is moving. To ensure top audio quality, users may use either the built-in microphone or mount an external mic to record ambient sounds and dialogue between subjects using the microphone input.

Canon EOS M6 Mark II
The EOS M6 Mark II is a stylish, lightweight and compact camera enabling its users to fit the camera into their shirt pocket or the slip pocket of their bag. It weighs almost half the weight of a midrange DSLR while measuring less than half its size. With intuitively developed features, users can easily begin shooting without the hassle of figuring out the camera’s various functions.

Easy and Seamless Connectivity using the EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II

With connectivity being a key necessity in an everyday camera, both the EOS 90D and the EOS M6 Mark II sports Bluetooth Low Energy technology that enables users to stay connected to their smart devices while the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to upload photos and videos directly to social media platforms. Transferring 4K videos from the camera is also simpler as they will be automatically compressed to Full HD. Smartphones can also be turned into live viewfinders and be used as a remote control to take shots using the camera with the use of the Canon Camera Connect App.

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