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Enhancing and maintaining your health and wellness is important for helping you achieve academic success, personal development, and lifelong wellness. Check out these Iconic resources to help develop life balance and stay on track in college and beyond.


Cleopatra’s Secret Collagen Boost Natural Serum

Sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, emu oil, rice

Sylvester Sy

KONJAC Sponge Review: The Japanese Secret To Flawless Skin

Konjac sponge is one of the Asian beauty trends, making it BIG

Sylvester Sy

Crystal Facial Roller: The Ancient Chinese Beauty Tool

You've probably seen this all over your social media feeds. Keeping up

Sylvester Sy

Hallyu Secret Clinic Opens First Branch in Greenhills, San Juan

Mi-Yong Alliance (MYA), the country’s pioneer Korean Beauty Academy recently held the

Iconic MNL

The Secret to Youthful Glowing Skin

Aging is a process that almost every person fears. Changes in the

Iconic MNL

Secrets On How To Look Cool and Fabulous Effortlessly

Star Athlete Kianna Dy and Celebrity Chie Filomeno Share Insider Info on

Iconic MNL

All You Need To Know About Microblading

Even if you haven't heard of the term "microblading," you've probably heard

Sylvester Sy

Microblading For Men

Never thought I would get a tattoo, but now I finally got

Sylvester Sy

Review: Miniso Deep Cleansing Ultrasonic Face Cleanser

If you're at all interested in skincare, then by now, you've noticed

Sylvester Sy