Cool down this summer with Beko as your cooling companion

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Summer is just around the corner. While the sun’s out for a perfect beach getaway, it also means a need for more cooling breeze and comfort to bust the heat. Cool down this summer with Beko as your cooling companion. Staying focused and being in the right state of mind for study, relaxation, and chores can be difficult if it is sweltering at home.

Good thing there is Beko as our cooling companion this coming summer season. Durable, stylish, and cost-efficient, Beko air conditioners bring better air quality, humidity, and cooler temperatures. And with The “Beko state of mind”, everyone in the family can be more productive and accomplish the things they need to do with coolness and comfort right in their own homes.

“Air conditioning in every space is essential, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. On days when the heat is at its peak, air conditioners provide comfort to help bring in the concentration as it controls the humidity in the environment and helps avoid dehydration,” shared Gürhan Günal, Beko’s Country Director in the Philippines. 

“The Beko state of mind means inspiring Filipinos to experience a more convenient way of living through European-style and good quality product lines so they save time and resources that they can use for the people and things that matter to them. Our air conditioners have a 5-star energy rating, are cost-efficient, and powerful, making it the perfect cooling companion this summer,” Günal added.

Cool down this summer with Beko

Cool down this summer with Beko

The BSEOG 090/BSEOG 091 is a split-type air conditioner with a capacity of 1HP that is perfect for cooling up small spaces such as apartments and small rooms. It has jet cool, dehumidifying, and automatic temperature control features for the utmost comfort. For a window-type option, the BPVOW 090 has a 1HP capacity with energy-efficient and cost-saving inverter technology for optimal cooling.

The BSEOG 120/BSEOG 121 is a 1.5HP split-type inverter air conditioner that is ideal for homes with a terrace and bigger apartments. It has 5 fan speed steps, automatic up & down air direction, and up to 24 hours of timer for more control on the level of coolness within the environment.

Cool down this summer with Beko

For bigger homes, the BSEOG 180/ BSEOG 181 is a SplitType AC HomeWhiz ProSmart Inverter Compressor with 2.0HP capacity, providing powerful cooling performance and quiet operation that can breeze through wide spaces, while the  BPVOW 120 is a window-type inverter air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5HP that has rapid and efficient cooling with controls to personalize your comfort.

These Beko air conditioners are made for the long term and make life a breeze. With technologies that translate to reliability and durability, feel the Beko state of mind even under the summer heat.

For more information about Beko in the Philippines, visit and follow @bekoph on Facebook and Instagram.

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