Don’t Blame the Kids: A Filipino Streetwear Success Story

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They say passion fuels purpose. For Emil and Vince Javier, brothers and self-confessed streetwear aficionados, this passion transformed into a streetwear label that has reverberated through the bustling streets of the Philippines and beyond. Their creation, Don’t Blame The Kids Apparel Co. or DBTK, has morphed into a well-known name in Philippine fashion, steadily making a name for itself on the global apparel stage as well—all the while reflecting Filipino pride and craftsmanship in every stitch and design.

Don’t Blame the Kids

Their start was humble. During their college years, the Javier brothers plunged themselves into the world of streetwear, a subculture that fascinated them. They began reselling popular brands, a venture that quickly evolved into a profitable business where they managed to meet people and build a network in this niche. But they wanted more—they wanted to create, disrupt, and contribute to the very culture that had captivated them.

In 2012, armed with courage and a dream, they took a big leap and started Don’t Blame the Kids. Did it feel like a gamble to leave something so sure and steady behind? Still, they leveraged the earnings from their buy-and-sell venture and bade goodbye to the safety of a thriving reselling business model. They then plunged headlong into the world of design and fashion, launching Don’t Blame the Kids without a safety net or a fallback plan. It was a daring bet on their talent and intuition, but it was a gamble that paid off.

Today, Don’t Blame the Kids stands proud as a Filipino fashion label that has collaborated with global giants like H&M, Sanrio, Bratpack, Sesame Street, and Pokemon. The force behind the brand? Emil, who serves as CEO, Vince, who’s the brand’s Creative Director, and Ryan Jopillo who handles the brand’s logistics. 

Emil, Vince, and Ryan each bring a unique set of talents and expertise to the table, forming a formidable trio that fuels the success of Don’t Blame the Kids. Emil’s role as CEO showcases his strong business acumen and strategic thinking, allowing the brand to navigate the industry landscape with finesse. His keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences has been instrumental in DBTK’s growth and expansion.

Vince, as the brand’s Creative Director, possesses an unparalleled creative vision and an innate ability to translate ideas into visually captivating designs. His artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail have propelled Don’t Blame the Kids to new heights of innovation and style. His knack for understanding and incorporating the latest fashion trends ensures that Don’t Blame the Kids remains at the forefront of the industry.

Meanwhile, Ryan Jopillo, who handles the brand’s logistics, keeps the operations running smoothly. His meticulous planning and organizational skills ensure that DBTK’s products reach their customers efficiently and on time. By optimizing supply chains, managing inventory, and streamlining distribution processes, Ryan’s contributions have been essential in scaling the business and meeting customer demands.

Together, their partnership forms a dynamic trio where they serve as each other’s angels–so to speak–supporting one another and complementing each other’s strengths as they built the brand. 

Don't Blame the Kids
Unleashing the Power of Collaboration: The dynamic partnership between DBTK and LBC underscores a valuable synergy between these two brands.

Their synergy and success also became a testament to a business alliance that fueled their growth—a partnership with another Filipino brand that shares their vision and values: LBC. The partnership with LBC, a trusted logistics company in the Philippines, added another angel to the mix, further strengthening DBTK’s operations and enabling them to reach new heights.

LBC, a trusted name in logistics, became an integral part of the Don’t Blame the Kids journey right from the start. In the early days, when Don’t Blame the Kids was still finding its feet, the brothers would carry boxes of their merchandise to an LBC branch, ready to ship them out to customers. This process, though feasible at the time, soon became untenable as the brand gained popularity.

With their new “angel” in place, Don’t Blame the Kids enjoyed a seamless integration of the label’s creative prowess and LBC’s expertise in logistics and supply chain management. By leveraging LBC’s extensive network and efficient delivery services, Don’t Blame the Kids was able to efficiently distribute their products to customers across the Philippines and beyond.

As DBTK expanded, LBC rose to the challenge. The logistics company became a lifeline–an angel that managed the shipping and handling behind DBTK’s operations, allowing the Javier brothers to focus on what mattered most—creating innovative, fresh, and desirable streetwear that reflected the sentiment of modern Filipino youth.

The Javier brothers attest to the significant role LBC played in their journey. “There are many cheaper options available today. But the trust, the infrastructure—it’s all with LBC,” they said. 

Their trust in LBC was based not just on a shared business understanding, but also on shared values. Like DBTK, LBC is a wholly Filipino-owned brand that exudes national pride and a dedication to success.

The alliance between DBTK and LBC is a celebration of Filipino creativity, resilience, and enterprise. It’s a story of two local brands carving out a niche in a global marketplace. As DBTK continues to make waves in the fashion world, LBC remains a steadfast partner, shouldering the logistics, enabling the fashion brand to reach even the farthest corners of the Philippines.

“LBC’s infrastructure and trustworthiness have made them our preferred logistics partner. In a world full of options, we chose a brand we could entrust our business operations to. LBC was that brand.”

In their shared journey, the brothers have learned the value of entrusting operations to those who share their outlook and values. “Our responsibility is not just limited to our customers. It’s also about the whole team. From creatives to operations, to logistics. You need to make them feel that your outlook on the business is something you truly believe in. It starts with you,” they affirm.

This resonates deeply with LBC’s own corporate philosophy and commitment to excellence. And the synergy between the two brands continues to foster growth and expansion for DBTK, allowing it to continue its bold march in the global arena of street fashion.

‘Waves Don’t Stop,’ one of DBTK’s most popular catchphrases, serves as a mission statement for DBTK and LBC’s partnership. The journey they embarked on together years ago continues today, shaped by their collective belief in pushing forward, no matter the challenges.

“The ‘Waves Don’t Stop’ catchphrase represents our journey. Life has its ups and downs, just like the ocean waves. But we have learned that no matter how big the waves get, you have to keep moving forward. LBC has been with us, helping us navigate these waves,” they assert. 

Indeed, the journey of DBTK is not just about its rise as a fashion brand, but the cultural movement it represents. The fashion label’s rise to prominence and its subsequent collaborations with international brands have made it a catalyst for the Philippines’ fashion sensibilities to reach a global audience.

The partnership between LBC and DBTK is more than just a business alliance—it’s symbolic of shared Filipino values and national pride. Both have demonstrated that with a clear vision, dedication, and the right partnerships, Filipino brands can hold their own in the global market.

The Javier brothers’ gamble on their passion has been rewarded. Today, DBTK’s designs are not just worn by Filipino youth—they have become a symbol of Filipino pride and creativity. They are a testament to the vision of two brothers who dared to dream big and worked tirelessly to turn that dream into reality.

Don’t Blame the Kids, with its bold designs and original concepts, has become a beacon of innovation in Filipino fashion. Its alliance with LBC, a reliable and efficient logistics partner, has been instrumental in its success. Together, they symbolize the spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship—creative, resilient, and undeniably successful.

As we witness the continual rise of DBTK, one thing becomes clear: the waves truly don’t stop for those who dare to dream and persevere. And with partners like LBC supporting their journey, Filipino brands like DBTK can indeed ride the waves to global recognition.

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