Here’s Why Catriona Gray Thinks of Herself as a Lola

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I recently came across this new vlog by Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Its title, 1 Minute with Catriona Gray got me wondering if the beauty queen would actually be able to speak her thoughts for just 1 minute indeed. Turns out, it’s bitin both for her and for us, her fans! With her always mala-Ms. Universe answers, we wish her vlog could run for an hour! Well, for those who stan her, even an hour wouldn’t be enough.

We’re used to Cat dishing out her woke take on things, but Cat, in her new vlog, showed her more personal, carefree, bubbly side. When asked about her usual Saturday night activity, Catriona candidly answered that she’s such a lola because she just prefers to stay home, which many of us could totally relate to!

Catriona Gray for BDO

Most of us who idolize Catriona regard her as perfection personified. The way Cat carries herself, from the way she smiles to the way she walks, makes us appreciate how someone could be so intelligent, beautiful, and graceful. But what makes Cat more stan-worthy is her being so natural. In Cat’s new vlog, you will watch her laugh her heart out without care whether she’s poised or not. It’s refreshing to see her being her candid self and not being a beauty queen.

Even without her mala-Ms. Universe answers, Cat’s new vlog is still nakakabitin. It’s definitely entertaining to see the more personal side of the people you look up to. In Cat’s vlog though, it’s not just learning more about her personality. It’s more of seeing Cat in my shoes — that she’s just ordinary and Lola-ish just like me.

Watching Cat, I honestly don’t get the feeling of wanting to be like her. It’s more of me appreciating that someone like Cat is very much unique just as I am unique. Seeing Cat find her own way makes me think that I, too, can also find my own unique way.

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