Let nothing stop you with the scent that never dies from Old Spice Body Spray

Even the summer heat can’t do anything to stop you from feeling your best with Old Spice

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Let nothing stop you with the scent that never dies from Old Spice Body Spray

Summer can get so hot that some of us sweat even when we take multiple showers in a day. If you’re looking for ways to smell fresh like you just stepped out of a relaxing bath amid the sweltering heat, look no further than the long-lasting scent of Old Spice Body Spray.

Achieve immortal freshness with Old Spice’s scent that never dies. Whether you’re waiting for your date who inexplicably prefers al fresco dining during lunch or stuck in the middle of a jampacked, rush-hour frenzy in the elevator, you will always smell good and look good with Old Spice.

The antiperspirant deodorant comes in five variants so you can select which suits your personality best. Here are different scents of Old Spice Body Spray that last all day, no matter what:

  • Bearglove – Do you hear that? That’s the call of the great outdoors, begging to unleash your inner forest-dweller. Smell like apple and citrus, mixed with notes of a little spice as you go about your day with the heartbeat of a wild animal, thanks to Old Spice Body Spray Bearglove.
  • Captain – O Captain, my captain smells so fresh with commanding vigor. If you want a suave and sociable scent that doesn’t know the meaning of faux pas with effortless ambition, the Old Spice Body Spray Captain is definitely for you. 
  • Krakengard – Emerge from the open ocean smelling of citrus and the wood of countless ships with the Old Spice Body Spray Krakengard. Walk past anyone and they’re sure to be mesmerized by your trail.
  • Magnate – Do you want to stand out with a scent of cedarwood, lime, and pure confidence? The Old Spice Body Spray Magnate gives you exactly that, making you feel on top of the world.
  • Wolfthorn – Lastly, let loose and feel the power of a beast with the Old Spice Body Spray Wolfthorn. By far, it’s the sharpest romantic mystery available in a smelling solution.

Feel your best self all day, every day with the Old Spice Body Spray. Get yours now on Shopee and Lazada.

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