Operation Smile, Partners Commit to Build Lasting Healthcare Solutions

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Operation Smile Partners Commit to Build Lasting Healthcare Solutions

Sharing the goal of revolutionizing healthcare, Operation Smile (OS) the Philippines, a non-profit medical services organization, expands its network of partners to provide access to world-class surgery and care for more Filipinos across the country.

OS has expanded its network of partnerships with the common goal of increasing access to oral care. Key considerations include a convergence of core values, brand personality, and business objectives for 4 pillars of partnerships: sponsorship of treatment, patient recruitment, use of hospital facilities, and training and advocacy.

“We at Operation Smile Philippines (OSP) are fortunate to have the support of partners across a wide range of organizations and industries to reach our goal and revolutionize the delivery of healthcare and surgery in the Philippines,” said Emiliano Romano, Executive Director of OSP.

As OS enters a new era as a global network driving access to cleft surgery and care, the organization commits to continue to provide world-class healthcare in more than 30 countries including the Philippines, and increase access to safer care for 1 million patients over the next decade.


In the past 40 years, OSP has reached 839,719 patient interactions, from medical evaluation, dental treatment, surgery, speech therapy, and psycho-social intervention. 

Donors such as Watsons Personal Care Stores Philippines, Inc, (Watsons) have been instrumental in making this possible. This year, they have renewed their commitment with OSP to fund a total of 100 reconstructive surgeries. The impact of donations goes beyond treatment and into cleft education, too.


Early treatment gives cleft patients a chance to significantly improve their condition. Though, Filipinos face several challenges that hinder them from getting treatment, from the transportation cost, and distance, to lack of awareness. 

OSP’s network of partners helps provide case-finding and patient transport to treatment sites. Thus, recruiting patients from 85 Philippine cities over the past 40 years.

OSP has also partnered with PNP’s Regional offices to locate children with cleft conditions and refer them to OSP for free medical evaluation and treatment, improving healthcare in the regions. 


Partners help with the creation of cleft care centers and the hosting of surgical activities, increasing our reach to more patients across the Philippines. 

With Fabella Memorial Hospital, OSP will create the first cleft registry and train midwives on cleft care and maternity care. The program is replicable with other partner hospitals, further widening access to quality healthcare and cleft education across the Philippines.


Training is necessary for safe surgery and infant care, as advocates are essential in driving access to access to quality cleft care in communities that need it. 

Johnson & Johnson Philippines Inc. (JJPI) has supported OSP since 1997 through funding and the development of experts in different medical fields. JJPI reaffirmed its commitment through the provision of hygiene products and merchandising initiatives with Listerine and Watsons to inform on oral care and speech difficulties. 

“These partnerships are the product of a shared vision of improving the health of children and families in underserved communities, enabling more Filipinos to enjoy a better quality of life in greater confidence,” Romano said.

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