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A leading brand of imaging devices has developed top of the line scanners that are suitable for scanning medical documents. The fi series of scanners ranges from the compact fi-800R to the highly accurate fi-8170 and includes several high-volume and heavy-duty models. Learn more about why your healthcare facility should invest in industry-leading imaging technology and which medical report scanner models to check out.

Accurately Capture Patient Records

The fi-8170 stands out as one of the most accurate medical document scanners. This model features proprietary Clear Image Capture technology. By pairing Contact Imaging Sensor hardware with an image processor, the fi-8170 can provide clear scans of patient records and other important documents.

As a medical document scanner, the fi-8170 is a good choice for capturing legible images by humans and machines. OCR technology can automatically detect and extract information from scanned records. With results that correspond to how Topre switches in a keyboard can increase accuracy during manual data entry, this scanner works to prevent errors in OCR processing.

Medical Document Scanners - Accurately Capture Patient Records

Collaborate Across Your Organization

Top of the line network—and cloud-connected medical document scanners can promote collaboration across any organization. Whether your medical facility has multiple departments in the same building, offices on a campus, or locations across a region, fi series scanners make it possible for administrators and care providers to share documents and records simply and securely.

Several scanners in this series have network capabilities or come ready to connect to compliant cloud environments. Whether you scan records for further processing or directly upload captures to the cloud, stakeholders in your organization can use any fi scanner to capture and share the documents necessary to provide well-informed and timely medical care.

Scanners for Every Workflow

The fi-8170 has a relatively fast maximum scanning speed of 70 double-sided pages per minute but primarily provides the advantage of high image quality. While the fi-8170 is a good choice for workflows requiring high accuracy levels, other fi series models can be ideal for processing high volumes of documents. These models prioritize speed and ADF or hopper capacity.

For workflows that involve scanning large quantities of documents, you might consider the fi-7600, which has a 300-page ADF and can scan up to 100 pages per minute. The fi-7900 has a 500-sheet hopper and can scan up to 150 pages per minute. As is the case with various types of keycaps, you may find that some scanner models are ideal for particular departments in a medical facility.

The Benefits of Digitization

Top of the line scanners can deliver industry-leading imaging functionality. When purchasing scanners for medical applications, factor in the features of each model. Most enterprise-level scanners can enable administrators and care providers to increase productivity and security through paperless workflows.

The fi series of scanners offers all of the benefits of digitization. Some of the best models for medical offices and care facilities include the highly accurate fi-8170 scanner, the high-speed fi-7600 model for back offices, and the fi-7900 scanner for mailrooms or other high-volume applications.

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