Power Through the Day with 7-Eleven Crunch Time ‘Fry-mily’

Choose your crunch from the classic fried chicken to fried breads, and more!

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For Filipinos with busy schedules, mealtime becomes a challenge. Even amidst hectic days, a satisfying meal is crucial for recharging, especially in a culture that values bonding over shared meals. 7-Eleven, the leader in convenience stores, offers a crunchy solution with pocket-friendly prices through Crunch Time, its in-house brand of meals and snacks perfect for merienda or a complete meal.

Diners can choose from a variety of options to satisfy light or heavy cravings, making Crunch Time a perfect in-between meal or snack for work, school, or errands. Whether it’s to power through tasks or unwind after a long day, the brand offers crispy fixes that are quick and easy to grab, the 7-Eleven way.

Eleven Crunch Time Line

The lineup features the signature Fried Chicken, available as a one-piece meal with rice for only P89. For those who prefer to share, the Crunch Carrier offers a six-piece box of fried chicken for P459. For boneless options, the Chicken Fillet with Rice comes with a warm and savory gravy for P64. Chicken Nuggets are also available for an affordable P65, complete with barbecue sauce for dipping. For a different taste, Cheesy Nuggets are offered at the same price.

The menu also includes Fried Breads. For a snack with a kick, the Spicy Beef Crunchy Pan is a great choice. For a less meaty option, the Tuna Cheesemelt Crunchy Pan offers a satisfying alternative. Both are priced at P39 and boast a winning crunch, made with real beef and tuna.

Busy workers, students on a budget, and anyone on-the-go can find a filling and affordable meal with Crunch Time. Available in 2,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide, customers can enjoy a midday pick-me-up with a variety of choices that are crunchy, homey, and savory.

Head to a 7-Eleven today to explore the Crunch Time selections. Even more crispy choices await in stores, including siomai, french fries, corndogs, and more!

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