Take a Chance on Love with Closeup’s #DareToGetCloser Campaign

This Valentine’s Day, closeup plays Cupid; giving more hopefuls and romantics a chance to #DareToGetClose and create their own RomCom stories – in real life!

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closeup Philippines released a rendition of the iconic closeup single “Closer You & I” – reimagined by local rising artist Adie, directed by the queen of hugot films Tonette Jadaone, and starring one of today’s freshest love teams – DonBelle. 

It narrates the story of two people from the same office building who meet each again and again at the elevator, until one day they dare to make the connection with the help of closeup’s two variants, Red Hot and Menthol Fresh, giving all day AMA-ZINC fresh breath for up to 12 hours with regular use! 

With the music video reaching over 1 million views in just four hours, many hearts of DonBelle fans and hopeless romantics were struck with the kilig that comes with a very mundane, yet relatable, elevator meet-cute story! Endless sentiments of “sana all” and fellow “delulus” wishing to make their move quickly flooded the comments section – with many wishful daydreams of when their time with “crush” will finally come. 

Swarming requests for not only a “Part 2”, but also a chance to experience this e(LOVE)ator moment came knocking on closeup’s door… and well, closeup heard them!

Dare To Get Closer comments section

In time for Valentine’s Day, closeup stretches this elevator love story to more! They released a “Closer You & I” RomCom, IRL Valentine’s Day film that made elevator moments happen in real life, starring real people, with real crushes. 

Strangers had an opportunity for an unexpected romcom-like moment with their crush in the elevator – completing their experience with the magic orchestration of Director Tonette Jadaone! 

Just like what she did for Donny & Belle, Direk Tonette challenged these people to dare to get closer as they performed dares and asked questions to help them finally make their move. 

Dare To Get Closer Direk Tonet Stunt Mastermind

A pair that stood out was Ashley and Dan – individuals who met each other at work and developed a crush on one another after a short encounter. Unknowingly following romcom mastermind Direk Tonette’s instructions from an earpiece, they did various dares that brought them closer than ever.

After completing the dares, there was a big surprise waiting for them downstairs! Direk Tonette reveals herself as the mastermind who directed their love story and asks them to share advice for others hesitating to make a move.

They express how ultimately, losing the chance is worse than the the fear of rejection – ending the film encouraging others to take the risk, shoot their shot, and #DareToGetCloser!

Dare To Get Closer DonBelle music video

From sharing compliments and intense eye contact to placing them in a crowded elevator, our real-life stars seized the opportunity with their crushes. All thanks to closeup with antibacterial zinc that gives all-day AMA-ZINC fresh breath (for up to 12 hours with regular use), they were left with no regrets, being brought closer than ever this Valentine’s Day!

When it comes to living your own romcom story, overcome your hesitations with closeup and Dare To Get Closer with all day AMA-ZINC fresh breath, for up to 12 hours with regular use! 

ICYMI: The first 60 shoppers to buy P447 worth of any closeup products from Feb 12-16 on either Shopee or Lazada will get a free DonBelle Closer You & I keychain!

Shop now and let’s #DareToGetCloser in your romcom Valentine’s moment this Valentine’s Day!

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