Take Proper Body Position, Postures to the Next Level When Riding The New PCX160

Find out how The New PCX160 helps encourage correct riding stance.

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Take Proper Body Position Postures to the Next Level When Riding The New PCX160

No doubt, it’s important to always ride your bike safely, and one factor that can be overlooked is proper body position and posture. Maintaining good posture and proper body position helps keep you relaxed, focused, and alert all of which can increase safety when riding. 

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country emphasizes the importance of keeping the right body position for both safety and rider comfort when riding motorcycles. 

Correct leg position – One aspect of proper body position and posture is correct leg position, which involves keeping your knees close to your center line, with your feet towards the front of the bike’s floor step. This position allows you to remain balanced in case of sudden braking for optimum safety. With The New PCX160’s enhanced design, riders can maintain the right leg position always so riding will be comfortable making travel more enjoyable and stress-free. And it goes without saying that a stress-free ride is a safe ride.

And speaking of a safe ride, The New PCX160 takes safety seriously, and perhaps nothing can be more important than its braking system. It comes in two variants, namely The New PCX160 CBS and The New PCX160 ABS. The CBS variant of the motorcycle features Honda’s renowned Combi Brake System that provides stopping force to the rear wheel when activating the front brakes for greater control. Meanwhile, the ABS variant’s Anti-Lock Braking System provides outstanding control especially when braking on wet/slippery surfaces.

Ideal seating and arm position – Another aspect of proper body posture when riding is seating and arm position. Specifically, ideal seated posture involves having your back slightly arched forward while arm position means having them slightly flexed at your elbows. This posture helps prevent arm fatigue during longer rides and can also help diminish the transfer of shock when going over bumps or rough roads. The New PCX160’s 2-tone seat comes with high-density foam that will keep its form for years making you both handsome and comfortable for those longer travels.

While we’re about longer rides, The New PCX160 also comes with a large 30L capacity U-box, as well as a secured front pocket with a built-in USB charger. These characteristics allow you to keep supplies handy and maintain a fully charged phone when traveling.

Correct head position – A rider’s head position is another factor to consider with respect to proper body posture. This may be the most important factor since this can affect visibility. In particular, the correct posture involves keeping your head up and your neck positioned slightly forward. This position helps prevent tension on your neck which can lead to fatigue, potentially diminishing your focus on the road while maintaining a good view of the road. One potential issue with this head position is you can lose sight of your instrument panel. Fortunately, The New PCX160 is equipped with a newly designed full digital meter panel that’s both eye-catching and easy to read. This way, you can check important motorcycle data like fuel level, speed, and engine temperature. 

The New PCX160 brings both sophisticated style and an exhilarating riding experience to Filipino riders. This scooter-style motorcycle sleek, angular body lines are complemented by a Stylish Headlight Design, New Slimmer X-Shaped Taillight, 2-Tone Seat, a Sporty Muffler, and showcases 110/70 – 14MC in the front and 130/70 – 13MC rear tires. Furthermore, its 157cc 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, SOHC, Liquid Cooled, eSP+ engine produces 11.8kW of Maximum Power @ 8,500rpm, and 14.7Nm of Maximum Torque @ 6,500rpm.

When combined with its 8.0L capacity Fuel Tank and excellent 45.1km/L economy, you get a motorcycle that offers efficiency whether riding it on short or long trips.

These pointers are recommendations worth taking to heart. Indeed, some of these suggestions may feel different when implemented by those who are used to riding their motorcycles a certain way. Keep in mind that achieving proper body position and posture can go a long way in making your daily commute more comfortable and enjoyable and thus, an experience worth remembering.

Finally, since HPI believes that the joy of mobility is for every Filipino, the company believes that owning this bike should be achievable.  The New PCX160 CBS variant retails with an SRP of Php131,900, while the ABS variant is available with an SRP of Php149,900.

For more information, visit www.hondaph.com. Stay updated on Honda’s newest products and promos by following Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok or contact (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and 0917-884-6632.

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