The X90 Series Has Once Again Raised the Bar for Flagship Smartphones

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vivo X90

Once again, vivo has raised the bar for flagship smartphones. The X90 series has extraordinary improvements in every possible way – from having a revamped self-developed chip, the vivo V2, new camera features and an upgraded screen.

The self-designed imaging chip: V2

Thanks to the new iteration of AI-ISP architecture, the compatibility, and functionality of V2 chips have been comprehensively improved. The fresh part is that there are improvements in various performances in games. ProMEMC, through independent display chips, supports interpolating game frames to 90~120 frames, so that the smooth-running performance of large-scale games is excellent. It is reported that the in-depth cooperation between vivo and MediaTek has brought heavy functions such as superframe stabilization mode and chip eye protection used in Honor of Kings. 

Among them, the adaptive picture quality mode is the black technology developed based on the adaptive loop of MAGT games, jointly developed by vivo, MediaTek, and Honor of Kings. After turning on this function and running for 1 hour in 120+ extreme configuration in a 26°C environment, the game frame rate is close to full frame, and the mean square deviation is only 0.92, reaching the industry’s top-level; Chip eye protection technology makes the proportion of high-energy visible blue light less than 5%, and the degree of the color cast is reduced by 12%, which ensures that the screen does not shift color while reducing blue light. 

vivo X90

Images beyond imagination

The enhanced image capabilities of the X90 series come from two main aspects:

In terms of professional optical systems, vivo and ZEISS have in-depth cooperation and use multiple process technologies to effectively reduce flare and make night scene shooting images pure. It adopts the biomimetic design of the moth-eye cornea, coupled with the sub-wavelength structure. Compared with the previous generation of ALD coating, the reflectivity can be further reduced by 42.8%, which can further eliminate flare and ghosting. Based on the research of the human visual system, vivo’s self-developed VCS biomimetic spectroscopy technology fundamentally solves the problem of CMOS color loss.

vivo X90

The X90 series is not only powerful in hardware, but also in software. Together with ZEISS, vivo built the Firmament Night System algorithm, which allows users to hand-shoot professional-grade starry sky photography blockbusters without the need for additional accessories.

vivo X90

Finally, to summarize the imaging capabilities of the X90 series in one sentence, it goes like this, “ordinary users use it to shoot professional video works, and professionals use it to create more efficiently and make more magic”.

A new generation of Q9 light-emitting devices

In terms of screen durability and design, vivo X90 and X90 Pro are equipped with a 6.78-inch hyperbolic BOE OLED screen and Q9 light-emitting devices. With a resolution of up to 452PPI, it meets the super retina screen display standard, bringing users the best look and feel of a comfortable display for the human eye, and immersive visual shock. At the same time, using BOE’s leading wide color gamut technology, the screen display DCI-P3 color gamut value can reach more than 115%, the peak brightness is as high as 1300nit, the display picture quality is clear and delicate, brilliant and colorful. And the screen content is clearly visible even in strong light. Additionally, the X90 series products also adopt a new blue diamond pixel arrangement independently developed by BOE, which can display ultra-high definition fine pictures even when viewing small text dozens of times.

vivo X90

After 10 years of extreme exploration, efforts, and continuous self-breakthrough, vivo X series gained “professional camera” recognition, product value, and user reputation. vivo X90 is definitely the hottest product you should be checking right now!Be the first to find out more about the vivo X90 Series by following its official channels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

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