Travel with Peace of Mind: M Lhuillier’s Global Travel Protect Insurance

The country's first comprehensive cashless travel insurance package.

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Planning a trip can be an exciting and thrilling experience, filled with dreams of new adventures. But even the most meticulously planned itineraries can be disrupted by unforeseen events. Whether you’re chasing waterfalls in Iceland or negotiating a business deal in Singapore, having M Lhuillier’s Global Travel Protect Insurance by your side ensures you have the support you need to navigate any unexpected bumps along the road.

M Lhuillier’s Global Travel Protect Insurance is the country’s first comprehensive cashless travel insurance package. This innovative product, designed in partnership with Ibero Assistencia, a global leader in travel insurance, ensures you have access to medical and travel assistance anywhere in the world, without worrying about upfront medical expenses. No matter your destination, you can begin your journey with peace of mind, knowing you have the help and support you need at your fingertips.

Global Travel Protect Insurance

Know Your Coverage

Global Travel Protect Insurance offers flexible coverage options to fit your travel plans:

  • Period of Insurance: Coverage starts when the insured person leaves their home in the Philippines to start their trip, but not earlier than 10 hours before their travel ticket’s scheduled international departure time, or not earlier than 5 hours before the scheduled domestic departure flight. It ends when the insured person returns to their usual place of residence in the Philippines, but no later than 10 hours after returning from an international flight, or no later than 5 hours after returning from a domestic flight, based on the original arrival time shown on the travel ticket. This coverage excludes any unrelated side trips or ends when the policy/certificate of cover expires, whichever happens first. For domestic land or sea travel within 150 kilometers of your residence, coverage starts upon reaching your destination and ends upon leaving.
  • Maximum Coverage Period: Choose from single-day trips (up to 365 days consecutively), Annual Multi-Trip (up to 90 or 180 days per trip), or Annual Single Trip (up to 365 days consecutively).
  • Plan Types: Choose between the Individual Plan, which is suitable for solo travelers up to 75 years old at the time of applying for insurance. Or opt for the Family Plan, which covers you, your spouse (aged 18 to 65 years old), and children up to 21 years old, with a maximum of 5 people including 2 adults. Alternatively, there’s the Group Plan for groups of at least 10 persons traveling together on the same day and itinerary.

Secure Your Safe Travels

By including M Lhuillier’s Global Travel Protect Insurance in your travel plans, you can start your trip with peace of mind. Contact your nearest M Lhuillier branch today to learn more about this travel essential and get a quote for your specific needs.

M Lhuillier offers a wide variety of insurance products. You can explore the complete list by visiting your nearest branch or checking out their website: For more details, you can visit this page:

For inquiries, contact Customer Care through its mobile numbers +63-947-999-0337, +63-947-999-2721, +63-917-871-2973, +63-947-999-0522, +63-947-999-2472 or email [email protected].

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