Why You Need the itel P55, The Smartphone with the Biggest Memory Under Php 5000

Level up your selfies & games! The new itel P55 packs massive storage and ultra-smooth performance for just Php 4,999.

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In today’s digital age, the challenge of insufficient storage space on smartphones has become a significant concern for many. As the “Selfie Capital of the World,” Filipinos are passionate about capturing and sharing countless moments, making storage an essential feature. Additionally, with 43 million active mobile gamers in the country and the gaming industry growing at an impressive 12.9% annually since 2017, the need for devices that can handle large game files without lag is important. Additionally, Filipinos are increasingly reliant on mobile applications for daily tasks, further emphasizing the need for expansive storage. 

Store more selfies, videos, and apps

The itel  P55 addresses the needs in terms of storage capacity as it has 256GB of internal storage and up to 24GB of expandable RAM for only Php 4,999. This incredible memory capacity at an affordable price allows users to download up to 4,000 applications and save over 102,000 photos, ensuring that they never have to face the dreaded “insufficient storage” notification again.

Additionally, the P55’s 50 MP primary camera captures stunning photos and videos, ensuring you never miss a moment.

itel P55 Gaming

Enjoy more games

Gamers will particularly appreciate the i-Boost Game Booster, which optimizes both CPU and GPU performance for a smoother and more stable gaming experience. The game assistant feature allows you to manage notifications and phone status without pausing your game, ensuring uninterrupted play. 

The 6.6” punch-hole display with a Dynamic Bar for quick access to notifications and a 90Hz refresh rate offers an immersive viewing experience, perfect for gaming and multimedia. The high refresh rate ensures smooth transitions and helps conserve battery life with its adjustable settings. 

Furthermore, the P55 has a robust 5000mAh battery that provides extended usage, ensuring you can game, stream, and browse all day without needing to recharge frequently. When it’s time to recharge, the included 18W fast charger minimizes downtime, so you can get back to using your phone quickly. 

More savings!

The itel P55 is the perfect choice for budget-conscious consumers who need a high-capacity, high-performance smartphone. Whether they are a heavy app user, a gamers, or someone who needs ample storage, the P55 delivers exceptional performance at an unbeatable price.

The itel P55 is available for purchase now at a budget-friendly price of Php 4,999. You can find it on Shopee, Lazada, and even TikTok.

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