YORI launches Takara Shelf in partnership with Boss Protector, now available in SM Stores nationwide

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yori takara shelf

Ever wonder how you can stack your Funko Pop! Collection? In case you still have no idea how to do it, YORI’s new Takara Shelf will make your life easier! 

YORI Takara Shelf collection is custom built for space-saving symmetrical displays. The shelves are fully maximizable from top to bottom, and front to back. They are also suitable as a back-to back island display. 

Both Medium and Mega Takara Shelves are able to efficiently fit the most popular collection packaging sizes even with their special protectors on. 

Take note that you can also stack the Takara Shelf with either boxed or out-of-box displays.


Width:78 cm
Height:30 cm
Side:147 cm
Weight:11.1 kg


Width:78 cm
Height:30 cm
Side:110 cm
Weight:8.7 kg


The YORI Takara Shelf is made with wooden MFC panels and steel frames with electric coating. Every DIY package comes with tools and YORI’s Easy-To-Understand assembly instructions.

YORI Takara Shelf - Jed Madela
Jed Madela with his new YORI Takara Shelf.

YORI will be giving away a collectible item to one of the lucky consumers who will get the Golden Ticket! There will be a total of two Golden Tickets, the first ticket is hidden in one of our Takara Medium Shelves and the other is in one of our Takara Mega Shelves.

Winners of the Golden Ticket will receive a collectible item which is a secret for now.

Price and availability 


The Takara Shelf is now available in select SM Home branches nationwide! 

You can Call to Deliver through these numbers, 09175167539, 09190682645, Mondays to Sundays from 8AM-5PM. Check out their pieces by searching for YORI at ShopSM.com.

For more information about the YORI Takara Shelf and on their FB page.

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