Achieve Light, Soft Matte & Moisturized Skin with Aera 사랑 By iWhite Korea

Creators Of The Best-Selling Aqua Moisturizer Comes The Newest Brand That Lets You Achieve A Light, Soft Matte & Moisturized Skin, Aera 사랑 By iWhite Korea

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Aera 사랑 By iWhite Korea

iWhite Korea, the creators of the best-selling Aqua Moisturizer, recently introduced to the market Aera 사랑,  a collection of skincare tools that  lets you achieve light, soft matte & moisturized skin, 

Inspired by the philosophy that beauty is limitless and ever-evolving, AERA 사랑 shows love for all skin types. With its name derived from Hangul – the language is spoken in South Korea – the collection combines the deep meaning of love regardless of differences. 

Just like how the sky is filled with endless possibilities and beauty, AERA 사랑 is invoking limitless beauty and infusing it into their line-up.

Developed with an Air Light Formula to avoid that heavy feel, AERA 사랑 perfects the balance between that coveted Korean glow and matte skin with cloud skin.  The AERA 사랑 brand covers all the essential steps in a Korean skincare routine, from its facial cleanser to its sun tints. 

The AERA 사랑 Calming Gel Wash is a gentle and soothing facial cleanser formulated to remove deep-seated dirt as it nourishes your skin. It brightens dull skin and lightens dark spots. It’s made of Centella Asiatica extract and sea buckthorn for the calming and soothing effect, rice extract to hydrate, and Ginkgo biloba leaf extract and lemon extract for brightening and lightening. 

If you need a more intense cleanser but still gentle enough to not strip or dry your skin, you can try the AERA 사랑 Pore Clean Foam Wash. It removes pore-blocking dirt and excess oil, tightens one’s pores, and improves overall complexion with continuous use. This is perfect for acne-prone skin or for anyone who wishes to say goodbye to their visible pores. 

Next in line is the AERA 사랑 Pore Blur Whitening Moisturizer. Developed with Probiotic Complex and Niacinamide, the moisturizer can hydrate and improve overall skin complexion. It minimizes excess oils and tightens visible pores while leaving you with a fresh radiant glow. 

Skincare brand AERA 사랑 also has BB creams: the Natural BB Sun Tint and the Light BB Sun Tint.  Both variants give you a near-perfect complexion while providing UV protection. They are formulated with eight plant extracts with anti-inflamatory properties and a soothing effect to your skin, Niacinamide for brightening, and flower extracts to give you ample moisture. 

AERA 사랑 has also taken into consideration your nighttime skincare routine with the All Night Whitening Repair Cream. Formulated with the Youth Restore Complex, it nourishes your skin as you sleep. It provides intensive moisture, gets rid of dullness, and slows down aging. 

All products from the AERA 사랑 lineup are cruelty-free, and come at affordable prices. 

Experience cloud skin by trying out the whole collection in Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok Shop, and Watsons branches nationwide.

Follow AERA 사랑 on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok for more exciting surprises coming up very very soon!

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