Animal Run 2019: Purina PH hosted Dog Food Eating Challenge

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Animal Run 2019 cover

RED Sports, under RED Entertainment, started the month of December with Animal Run 2019Dialysis PH Support Group and Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) remained the official and main beneficiaries of this sporting event under #Run4UrLife. In partnership with Purina Philippines, Animal Run 2019 was definitely a success with almost a thousand runners and a thousand more onlookers.

Animal Run 2019

Quirino Grandstand was definitely jam-packed! Filled with almost 500 fur babies, pets shed fur and excitement all around. With PAWS as their main beneficiary, this sporting event aimed to help stray animals who remained caged in shelters. Veterinarians Dr. Adelaida Suller and Dr. Froilan Calip conducted free check-ups to fur babies present at the event while giving away free Supercoat from Purina Philippines.


As every race category prepares to do their runs, they were invited to a Zumba warm-up lead by Coaches Johnrev Sayson Binondo and Paolo Domingo from Anytime Fitness.

Animal Run 2019

Pet Fashion Gala

Pets also came up on stage as they strut their stuff in a fashion show. Although not all participants won, they all received packets of Supercoat from Purina Philippines. Daschund Basha dressed up as a mini Santa Claus, ready to give delightful gifts to nice kids and cold coals to naughty ones.

Animal Run 2019

Mini Pomeranian mother-and-daughter duo Chow and Cinnamon, along with Shih Tzu Coco, dressed up as mini dinosaurs. Shih Tzu Oreo dressed as a butterfly ready to dazzle the judges and fly away. Shih Tzu twins Yumi and Curtis, dressed in their winter jackets ran up and down the stage as they accompany their adolescent owner. Meanwhile, the only muse Persian Kitten Snow just sat in the middle of the stage, unbothered by everyone’s antics.

Purina partners with RED Sports

Photo booth

The brand also had their own photo booth where pets took turns at a slide fit for every breed.

Animal Run 2019

Dog Food Eating Challenge

As a major sponsor, Purina had their own segment during Animal Run where they hosted a Dog Food Eating Challenge. Eight fur parents encouraged their babies during the challenge. Although not all participants won, they all received packets of Supercoat from Purina.

Animal Run 2019

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Animal Run

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