Disney On Ice Presents 100 Years of Wonder

Brings the magic of Disney's 100th Anniversary closer than ever

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Disney On Ice Presents 100 Years of Wonder

Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder will whisk families away on an immersive getaway chock-full of magical participatory moments. Featuring new and classic tales, this multi-generational experience visits Manila from 22 December 2023 to 7 January 2024 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

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Hit the road with Mickey Mouse and his pals for a high-octane ride in Disney On lce presents 100 Years of Wonder. Exciting twists and turns await as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and guests of all ages embark on an interactive and memory-rich adventure to iconic Disney destinations. See the world from the rooftops of London with Mary Poppins and Jack and his band of dancing lamplighters. Travel to the sun-soaked Motunui and help Moana restore the heart of Te Fiti. Set off on a safari and snap unforgettable photos of wild cheetahs and monkeys when guests traverse through the Pride Lands with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Discover a whole new world and be swept up in Aladdin’s princely parade filled with spectacular stunts, magical moments with Genie, and a brand-new song from Jasmine that will render the audience “Speechless.” Mosey on over to a larger-than-life comedic carnival and team up with Woody and Bo Peep as they search for their new friend Forky. Fans will hit a high note with Mickey and pals while singing along to beloved Disney tunes as they welcome Merida, Belle, Arięl, Mulan and Tiana to the ice. Families should be prepared for a getaway jam-packed with unexpected hijinks and surprise, up-close character interaction as Disney On lce presents 100 Years of Wonder makes a pitstop right in Manila!

Event Location: SM Mall of Asia Arena, J.W Diokno Blvd., SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Dates and Times of Performances:

  • [FRIDAY, 22 DECEMBER] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [SATURDAY, 23 DECEMBER] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [MONDAY, 25 DECEMBER] [11:00 AM] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [TUESDAY, 26 DECEMBER] [11:00 AM] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [WEDNESDAY, 27 DECEMBER] [3:00 PM]
  • [FRIDAY, 29 DECEMBER] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [SATURDAY, 30 DECEMBER] [11:00 AM] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [MONDAY, 1 JANUARY] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [TUESDAY, 2 JANUARY] [3:00 PM]
  • [WEDNESDAY, 3 JANUARY] [3:00 PM]
  • [FRIDAY, 5 JANUARY] [3:00 PM]
  • [SATURDAY, 6 JANUARY] [11:00 AM] [3:00 PM] [7:00 PM]
  • [SUNDAY, 7 JANUARY] [11:00 AM] [3:00 PM]

Tickets: www.SMTickets.com

Watch out for the complete list of ticket prices and best-view seats coming out this October via the SM Tickets platform and nationwide outlets.

For more info about Disney On lce, follow Disney On lce social media channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Subscribe to the Disney On lce YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/DisneyOnIce.

You may buy tickets for our upcoming shows online at SM tickets or any authorized SM Tickets outlet nationwide. To learn more SM Mall of Asia Arena or follow @moaarena on social media.

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