Epson showroom goes digital, launches Virtual Solution Center

Innovative Solution Showroom. Epson Virtual Solution Center showcases the various applications of Epson printing, scanning, and visual imaging products in different showroom setups.

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Epson Virtual Solution Center

Offering ease of access for its customers in the comfort of their homes through an online experience, Epson launched a virtual showroom featuring sustainable innovations for businesses across various industries. 

The Epson Virtual Solution Center aims to provide a convenient way for customers to explore new possibilities in transforming their businesses towards a more efficient, cost-saving, and eco-friendly operation.

The virtual platform, which also features a customer care chat where users can connect with Epson’s customer care team, offers an immersive virtual experience in a 360-degree view of the seven showrooms featuring products that address business needs for different industries such as retail, healthcare, and education, among others. 

Learning about Epson’s innovations is just one click away

In the Innovative Office Solution showroom, virtual visitors are welcomed with an informative video discussing the importance of switching to green technology to reduce the use of energy and environmental impact. Located on the first floor, the showroom features Epson inkjet printers that are powered by Heat-Free Technology. This innovation uses 85 percent less power consumption compared to laser printers and allows users to save costs.

Going up to the second floor, the visitor will enter the Innovative Healthcare Solution showroom which highlights Epson products that help medical businesses and institutions in medical record security management, as well as high quality and water-proof printing for medical labels and payment system. 

The Innovative Manufacturing Solution showroom on the third floor showcases how Epson supports efficient production processes and cost control through Epson label printers that are designed for in-demand printing.

The fourth floor features the Innovative Retail Solution showroom that highlights Epson printers for receipt printing, order management, and advertisement printing, as well as Epson projectors that can be used to project product information and advertisements in retail stores.

Virtual visitors can also go to the fifth and sixth floors to learn about innovative education solutions and digital printing solutions respectively. Featured Epson products in the Education showroom include interactive projectors and high efficiency printers that can be used to facilitate teaching and learning in the modern classroom. The Digital Printing showroom, on the other hand, showcases solutions for a photo, outdoor signage, and fashion businesses with Epson commercial and industrial printers.

The seventh floor of the Epson Virtual Solution Center features Epson’s sustainability commitment and goals for a better tomorrow through its eco-efficient products and services.

In addition to Epson business products, customers can also navigate within the same digital tour to a showroom featuring Epson innovations for home use.

“In Epson, we’re constantly in pursuit of innovation. In this age of digitalization, it is only timely that we establish a convenient online platform for our customers to get to know our products without them having to go to a physical store,” said Ed Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines. “The Epson Virtual Solution Center offers a new and exciting way for our customers to experience what Epson products are known for: efficient, compact, precision, and sustainable innovations.”

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