Gary Valenciano, Chito Miranda, And AIA Philippines, BPI AIA Spotlights Pinoy Expressions Of Love In It’s Real Love

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While Filipinos may say the words “I love you” every day, they are still very expressive in the ways that they show their concern and care for their loved ones. 

Popular artists and celebrity dads Gary Valenciano and Chito Miranda partnered with AIA Philippines (formerly AIA Philam Life) and BPI AIA (formerly BPI Philam Life) to launch a campaign about expressing love in a more meaningful way by making sure that loved ones are protected from life’s uncertainties. The centerpiece of the campaign was the song “It’s Real Love”, sung by Gary and Chito, written by noted composer Jonathan Manalo in collaboration with the two singer-songwriters.

For the video launch of “It’s Real Love”, Gary and Chito held a special serenade for AIA Philippines and BPI AIA customers, whose personal stories inspired the lyrics. Tin Manalaysay and her mom Marissa, Arnold Damian and his sister Hernalyn, Alfredo and his sister Charilyn, and Ivanna dela Torre and her husband Chino are giving back for all the love they received through the years by making sure their loved ones feel safe and secure, knowing that they have the protection they need. 

Heartfelt lyrics

Chito explains, “The song is about love, in all forms. We wanted to come up with something that talks about love, not just the romantic kind, but love for your mom, your brother or sister, or your children, and how unselfish it is and how it makes you care about someone else, more than yourself.” 

While the song was based on the personal stories of others, both say the lyrics also resonated with them. Gary says, “I have two favorite lines in the song. One is ‘choose to show love in a special way’ and “lagi kang meron time sa pamilya.” My family means the world to me so these lines were very real to me.” Chito adds, “We made sure the lyrics were super specific and personal, and still relatable to everyone. I think the line ‘Lahat ng hirap, dugo’t pawis alay, babawi kahit papaano’ is perfect for showing appreciation for one’s mom or dad.” 

Chito dedicates the song to his family, who he refers to as his greatest love. “With my family, I make sure that their health, safety, security, and overall wellness come first — even before mine.” He adds, “Writing the song and performing it was really exciting because it gave me a chance to inspire other people to do the same, and give them options when it comes to securing their loved ones’ future. It was a heart-warming experience when the people we sang to realized that we were actually singing about them.” 

As for Gary, he says it is his tribute to people who have thought of others first before thinking of themselves and who have sacrificed so much for the people who mean the most to them. 

Better future for loved ones

There are many ways one can show love to others, Gary says. “It can be verbally, or physically expressed. In fact, even by doing simple acts of prayers for loved ones bring the showing of love to a spiritual level. I try and put all these into action. I am a husband, a dad, a brother, and a friend, and I think the most important and perhaps most challenging way of showing love is to do it consistently by making time for them.” He adds that showing love can be done in the simplest of ways. “The world is already so complicated and there’s no need to complicate it further by expressing love in ways that are hard to interpret. Learn from those that have extended their acts of love to you, then in your own creative way, do the same for someone else. There are various love languages and I would suggest using the most effective way, through actions like sending gifts, hugging them or simply praying for them.”

Another way to show love is to give them peace of mind, Gary says. “The future is always so uncertain and what everyone strives to reach assurance of security. The thing is, it’s what we do in the present that will play a major role on how the future is determined. By helping your loved ones through teaching them how to invest a portion of their incomes or even your own for your children or spouses, you are reassuring them the future will be better.”

Chito agrees: “I want to make sure their futures are secured and I totally have nothing to worry about. Our song shows how AIA Philippines and BPI AIA can help you achieve that. Their products are so personalized that it feel like they were custom made for you, depending on your specific needs.”

BPI AIA Spotlights Pinoy Expressions Of Love

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