Google launches new safety and security features for Chrome, Gmail, and more

Google launched new products and features to help people stay safe online.

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Google launches new safety and security features for Chrome Gmail and more

With cybersecurity always a pressing issue, especially in the Philippines, it’s never a bad time for a security update — especially in Cybersecurity Month this October.

This month, Google launched new products and features to help people stay safe online, especially against phishing attempts, annoying spam, and many other scams and risks. 

  • For Gmail, there are new requirements for large senders that will keep inboxes safer and spam-free. AI is also making its presence felt, as Gmail’s AI-powered defenses already block more than 99.9% of spam, phishing and malware, to the tune of 15 billion unwanted emails every day.
  • Passwordless by Default. Passkeys are now easier to use by everyone with any device by default sign-in across Google Accounts.
  • It’s now easier and faster to clear your browsing data on Google Chrome. Just click the three dots in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser and select “Clear browsing data” to do it without navigating away from your current tab.
  • Dark web report: Google makes the dark web report—which checks if your Gmail data has been leaked to the dark web—more accessible by bringing it to the account menu in the Google App. Just sign in to the Google App and tap your profile picture to open the menu. It can be found in the account menu on Android and will be coming soon to iOS.
  • You can use the Google App as the credential provider for your device. Google Password Manager is built into the Google App and you can already use it to securely save your passwords and sign in faster when you’re using the app. Now, you can set it as your Autofill provider so that the Google App can help you quickly and securely autofill your passwords into any app or website on your device.

Google is committed to getting innovations right and truly useful for everyone, which means strengthening online security for all.

Take a look at the Safety Center for more information on how the company keeps people Safer with Google.

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