HUAWEI and Freedive SuperHOME Join Forces for the AsianFreediving Cup 2023

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HUAWEI and Freedive SuperHOME Join Forces for the AsianFreediving Cup 2023

HUAWEI is announcing its partnership with Freedive SuperHOME, a famous freediving training facility in the Philippines, for the upcoming Asian Freediving Cup 2023. The prestigious tournament will be held in Panglao, Bohol from June 10-18, 2023. 

The largest freediving tournament in Asia since 2014, the Asian Freediving Cup offers a platform for divers of all skill levels to showcase their prowess. After a pause brought on by the pandemic since 2019, the event’s seventh edition is finally happening this year. The competition, which is jointly hosted by Just One Breath Freediving and Freedive SuperHOME, seeks to provide freedivers from all over the world with a friendly and professional environment.

Freedive SuperHOME, one of the top freediving facilities in Panglao, Bohol, has made a name for itself as a gathering place for both novice and expert freedivers. The facility provides depth and pool coaching, all-level AIDA and Molchanovs courses, and autonomous training. All contests held at this venue are executed to the greatest standards by the outstanding staff of organizers, judges, and safety personnel.

The Asian Freediving Cup 2023 will be further empowered by the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate in its capacity as the Official Sponsor. The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is a cutting-edge smartwatch that offers advanced features and unmatched endurance. It was created with divers’ demands in mind. The watch gives divers the accurate and vital information they need to maximize their performance and safety when using dive mode and other underwater monitoring capabilities. 

“The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate looks great and offers many functions a serious freediver wants and much more. It tracks and provides me with details about each of my dives so that I can review and plan for my next session. There is also a hang timer, it’s perfect for hangs — it’s a cool feature I have not seen in other dive watches.”  said Oliver Lu Qing, Co-Founder of Freedive SuperHOME

For those who want to experience the thrill of the Asian Freediving Cup in 2023, this is your chance! There will be available shuttle boats to transport both competitors and spectators to and from the competition area at regular intervals.

Audience members can anticipate amazing performances from the following competitors during the Asian Freediving Cup in 2023:


  • World record holder and former Asian Freediving Cup champion, Alenka Artnik (Slovenia).
  • Previous podium finishers Tongtong Xu (China), Jung A Kim (Korea), and Dong Jie (China) are well-known for their remarkable freediving abilities and accomplishments.
  • Denise Ragas (Philippines) is a record-holder in her native country and a fierce advocate for it.
  • National record holders who have displayed exceptional ability in the sport include Lai Siew Ling, Elys (Singapore), Nikita Fima Atriyu (Indonesia), Sheena McNally (Canada), and Vicky Li (Hong Kong).


  • Former Asian Freediving Cup champion Sendoh Wang (China) is renowned for his outstanding exploits and devotion to the sport.
  • Kurt Chambers (USA): A past podium finisher who is renowned for his outstanding freediving abilities.
  • Tory George (USA) and Potti Lau (China) are two individuals who hold continental records and have made outstanding contributions to their home countries.
  • Ken Kiriyama of Japan and Costa Lin Zhu of China are both national record holders who have excelled in the sport of freediving.

These exceptional athletes will undoubtedly showcase their talent and push the boundaries of freediving during the Asian Freediving Cup 2023, making it an event not to be missed. For more information about the Asian Freediving Cup 2023 and to catch the action, visit the official website at


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The ultra-flagship smartwatch that is welcomed and loved in Europe is finally coming here to the Philippines. You can purchase the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate through the online Huawei Store and select HUAWEI Experience Stores around the country starting June 10. 

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