Kylie Verzosa Is Launching Her Shapewear Line SOLÁ this January 2024

Kylie Verzosa launched her first business venture, SOLÁ, and its first shapewear collection which is set to launch this January 2024.

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Kylie Verzosa Is Launching Her Shapewear Line SOLA this January 2024

Miss International 2016 and PENDUKO Actress Kylie Verzosa aims to empower others with her new milestone of owning a business as she shares more about her newest venture, the launch of her first business, SOLÁ, and its first shapewear collection in an intimate dinner event in 205 BGC.

In an intimate dinner event held in 205 BGC, Former Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa shares how her first business, SOLÁ started, what it’s all about, and what to expect next from her first venture into business and from herself as the founder and creative director of SOLÁ.

Kylie Verzosa
Kylie Verzosa

Kylie shared “I’ve been in Showbiz for 8 years and because of this, this has opened doors for me to experience multiple things. One of the things I realized is how brands are so aspirational yet unattainable due to their price. With SOLÁ, we want to turn your aspirational wants for high-quality items into attainable realities. We want you to have your dream products in your hands and on your body. SOLÁ is a brand for everyone and anyone who wants to own who they are and feel empowered.”

SOLÁ focuses on providing the Asian market with aspirational, high-quality products at the most attainable and affordable prices. Aside from being aspirational yet attainable, Kylie wants to empower others with SOLÁ by giving the users of the product that additional push of support they need to feel their best selves which elevates their day-to-day life.

Being the creative director and founder of this brand, Kylie and her team mentioned how hands-on she is with everything regarding the brand. From the overall creative vision to the product itself and even to packaging and digital content, Kylie drives her vision home by being hands-on and overseeing everything with her female-led team.

“Our first collection is our shapewear collection called “Mercury” because we see there’s a huge gap in the Asian market that provides good quality shapewear. Our first line comes in 5 styles, 3 colors, and 6 sizes with everybody in mind.” SOLÁ’s first collection is called the Mercury Collection and it’s an inclusive shapewear line designed to prioritize compression without sacrificing stretchability which makes it perfect for everyday use. The size range is from XS – XXL and it comes in 3 colors, black, camel, and mauve with 6 styles to choose from. The price range of their initial line ranges from 1,100 to 1,600 pesos.

“I am happy to announce that we will be doing pre-orders on January 23, 2024 on our website and we’ll be launching fully between late January to early February. We will be available on our website, Tiktok shop, Lazada, and Shopee once we’ve launched.”

SOLÁ’s first few products will be available for pre-order on January 23, 2024 on the brand’s official website, Kylie also mentioned that she will be doing a Tiktok livestream on January 30, 2024 on her Tiktok account which will open the official launch of SOLÁ to the Philippine market.

When Kylie was asked how this would affect her showbiz career, she answered saying “I don’t think I am slowing down anytime soon! I love acting and I’ve been in Showbiz for the past 8 years. I even have a film coming out around February – March called Elevator with Paolo Avelino. If anything, I feel that being an entrepreneur pushes me to do better in showbiz and vice versa.”

Kylie and her team are focused on empowering others by ringing in 2024 with the launch of SOLÁ and its first collection, an inclusive shapewear line.

For more updates on SOLÁ, follow their social media pages at @sola_body on Instagram and Tiktok and visit their website at to sign up for their exclusive newsletter.

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