Elevate Your Business Via Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photography

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How you present your products to your customers is paramount in the business world. Competition is stiff, and businesses worldwide are getting more creative with their marketing. A good example of this is the use of ghost mannequin photography.

It is more appealing than the regular 2D photography used by many clothing and apparel brands. It is also cheaper than hiring professional models for a photo shoot. However, this style of photography is complicated, and you may need professional help.

Below are tips to help you find the best ghost mannequin clothing photographers for your fashion brand.

What Are the Pros?

Studies show that using models in clothing photography can make customers not pay attention to the clothes details. Using ghost mannequins offers enhanced clarity, allowing the buyer to envision how the wear would look on them.

Using mannequins is cheaper than using models. Professional models charge high fees, which can be out of reach for SMEs. You must also factor in other expenses, like makeup artists and stylists when using models for your project.

It also brings consistency to your product shots, allowing you to create a unique and cohesive brand identity.

Identify Your Needs

Picking the best fashion photographer can be more challenging if you don’t have details about your project. Take your time and list every significant detail about the project. Which and how many products do you want to have ghost mannequin edits for?

Also, what is the turnaround time? Editing is complex and can take time. Having a turnaround time will help you find the best photographers who can meet your demands. The other thing you must consider is your budget. Pricing and editing costs can vary depending on the number of items.

Lastly, define your brand identity. Do you want vibrant edits with bright colors or something minimalist with a black-and-white background?

It’s Time to Find the Perfect Match

Many studios offer remote product photography services. A good example of this is Squareshot. You can send in your products, add instructions, select a turnaround time, and wait for your photos.

The internet is a good place to start your search. If you Google ‘ghost mannequin clothing photographers near me,’ you will find links to studios or photographers who can do the job. Visit the photographer’s website or social media pages to see what they can do.

Also, check out reviews from other customers. Always choose a photographer who is an expert in your niche. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, look for a ghost mannequin clothing expert who is an expert in women’s fashion.

The Final Touches 

Once you have a list of potential photographers for your project, it is time to narrow your options. Start by asking for quotes from multiple photographers and studios. Compare the services offered versus the price and choose one that offers value for your money.

Contact them about their revision policy and the number of edits. This will help you avoid future disputes if the edits aren’t up to your standards. Also, don’t forget to ask about their turnaround time for your project.

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