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Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga show you how to get Hataw-Sa-Galaw-level confidence

The #HatawSaGalaw Sweat-Off Challenge shows how you can move without limits with Rexona’s 10x more odor and sweat control

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He finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information System at Centro Escolar University in Manila. During his academic years, he has been an epitome of what a servant leader is. He was very active engaging into various extracurricular activities and served as an officer in different organizations.

Rexona, the #1 deodorant brand in the Philippines and in the world, values the importance of staying fresh and feeling confident. To inspire people to keep moving without limits with hataw-sa-galaw level confidence, Rexona launches the #HatawSaGalaw Sweat-Off Challenge.

From long commutes under the sun’s heat, waiting in line at the grocery, and even during important video calls for work, all kinds of sweaty situations can arise. To keep sweat and odor at bay, showering with soap may not be enough. That’s because bacteria can grow in a fast as one hour after a shower – sapping your confidence and keeping you from moving at your best.

Whatever the situation, Rexona encourages people to go all-out regardless of the factors that can cause one’s self-confidence to go down. Using Rexona Powder Dry and Ice Cool can give you the boost and coolness you need with its guaranteed sweat & odor protection for all day freshness!

The #HatawSaGalaw Sweat-Off Challenge aims to show how Rexona can help keep you cool and odor-free, no matter how intense things get. Led by Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga, the duo challenge each other to a dance-off that gradually ramps up in intensity. At the end of each level, both stars take a sweat test to show how Rexona helps keep underarms dry and more comfortable throughout the day. For fans looking to join the challenge, an original Instagram filter will be launched for anyone to show off their #HatawSaGalaw level confidence.

Stay confident and be at your freshest even after a long day of hustling from home, the office, and beyond. Start by using Rexona every day after a shower and show off your #HatawSaGalaw level confidence by dancing along with the Rexona Sweat-Off Challenge Instagram filter today.

For more details on the #HatawSaGalaw Sweat-Off Challenge, check out Rexona’s Facebook and Instagram page.

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