Month-long Festival Celebrates Our Love Affair with Coffee

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If you are asked to describe a cup of coffee using emotions, how would you answer? Would you say that it is happiness? Bliss? Energetic? Or maybe you would sum it up as comfort and warmth?

For coffee enthusiasts, a perfect cup of joe is all these and more. There is no doubt that this beverage is a huge part of our lives for all the practical benefits that it provides—like waking us up in the morning—and the emotional perks that it offers. 

Unsurprisingly, this warm cup of happiness has been playing a bigger part in our days lately thanks to the current isolated set-up that we are facing. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up to ward off the bad vibes, and what else can better do this than a kick of caffeine? 

While we are unable to easily grab our go-to drinks from our favorite, trusted coffee shops at the moment, the good news is that everyone can still enjoy good coffee at home. One of the brands that make sure this is possible is Breville Philippines, a premium home label that offers a wide variety of kitchen partners that can elevate your home lifestyle. Among its best-sellers are the Barista Express Espresso Machine and the Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker which makes it easy and accessible for everyone to enjoy third wave and cafe-quality coffee at home.

Now on its first decade of being in the market, the brand stays solid on its mission to elevate the way consumers enjoy their coffee by holding their annual Coffee Festival. The event, which will feature live sessions and contests about anything and everything coffee, will be held virtually and is open to everyone.

Spanning the month of September, the Breville Coffee Festival aims to gather professionals and enthusiasts and connect them to each other. The event is focused on helping regular consumers to celebrate their love for the drink by teaching them skills, tricks, and tips about their favorite beverage. 

Participating in the festival are reputable names in the industry like Chef Edward David Mateo of the La Royale Patisserie Food Group who will be covering how to make coffee-flavored desserts, Dave Dource—Academic Director of the Philippine Chapter of Barista Guild Asia who will cover tips and techniques on making latte art, and Chef Louise Mabulo who will talk about how to use coffee for both food and non-food uses. Also joining the flock are Robert Francisco and Pacita Juan of the Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. 

The month-long event will be divided into different sessions with experts taking over the Facebook Live Sessions sprinkled throughout the weeks. In addition to the virtual events, Breville Philippines is also opening their doors to enthusiasts through their “Pour Your Art Out: A Virtual Latte Art Challenge” and “Coffee Rush Challenge” which invites participants to compete with their best latte art creations and homemade coffee-themed cakes, respectively. 

Moreover, the Coffee Festival is also aimed to help everyone in “Mastering a Healthy Lifestyle.” More than just a company that enables people to enjoy their own creations at home with their products, Breville Philippines is also an advocate of creating a harmonious community that brings together its customers, partners, and other stakeholders to live a sustainable lifestyle at home. 

To join the festival, everyone can visit Breville Philippines’ Official Event Page here. More announcements will also be made on their Facebook and Instagram page. If you’re looking for inspiration on creative uses of coffee, on the other hand, you can check out for some recipes and guides.

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