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SAMSUNG is concluding its PASS10N LAB with a workshop with Martine Cajucom and Jess Wilson, the creative director and brand manager of retail powerhouse Sunnies Studios, respectively. The talk is designed to allow those part of the online community Samsung Members to ignite their passion in entrepreneurship, photography, videography, fitness, and gaming. For its last leg, the girls of Sunnies Studios shared their secrets in building the iconic brand.

Sunnies Studios

Sunnies became a business empire after launching a line of prescription eyewear and sunglasses in 2013. Following its success, they expanded to offer comfort food in Sunnies Cafe and lipsticks at Sunnies Face. Behind the brand are some of Manila’s biggest It Girls: Georgina Wilson, Cajucom, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano, and joined by Soriano’s husband Eric Dee. Apart from the famous names, the brand has an unmistakable aesthetic inspired by pastel colors, beautiful people, and a South California vibe.

As creative director, Cajucom plays a role in deciding the visual story of Sunnies. Using her experience in the creative team of a top American fashion label, she helped mold Sunnies Studios into a brand and physical space that has its customers wanting to be part of the sun-drenched and retro lifestyle.

“We started Sunnies through a mood board. We built a brand by collating all the things we liked in music, pop culture, design, and furniture. We asked ourselves, ‘What colors do we like? What are our favorite places?’ By putting all these things together, we found a common thread that we used to fine-tune our identity,” shares Cajucom.

Sunnies Studios

Wilson may be the brand’s newest member but she has years of experience for an international beauty label. As brand manager, she is responsible for Sunnies’ strategy, marketing initiatives, and communications.

“The most important thing for a brand is its product and it has to speak for itself. However, we do recognize the impact of social media. We rely on platforms like Instagram to tell a story, which has also become an extension of our physical stores. By translating our aesthetic to our feed, we can enjoy high visibility and be able to influence the shopping behavior of consumers,” adds Wilson.

Sunnies Studios is powered by the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is packed with next-generation features perfect for a new breed of entrepreneur.

Cajucom trusts the smartphone’s Dynamic AMOLED Display to scout for inspiration and bring their concepts to life. The Galaxy S10 delivers cinema-grade visuals with accurate colors and vivid pictures, so the creative director can spot trends in business, beauty, and design.

At the same time, the creative director can also snap photos using the Galaxy S10’s True Vision Multi-Camera, which comes with the 12MP Wide Dual Aperture Lens, a 16MP Ultra-Wide Lens, and a 12MP Telephoto Lens. This way, Cajucom can take pictures when she finds inspiration during her travels and her day-to-day activities.

“The team at Sunnies Studios is never satisfied. We are constantly on the hunt for new ideas we can incorporate into our brand. It’s the digital way of creating mood boards. Our aesthetic is a huge part of our communications strategy because we know this is what our market really appreciates,” reveals Cajucom.

Meanwhile, Wilson relies on the Galaxy S10’s 8nm mobile chipset, which automatically boosts CPU and GPU performance. The brand manager can conceptualize and execute campaigns on her phone, and manage other tasks since it also optimizes battery, CPU, RAM, and even device temperature. She can keep all her work files on her phone since it supports 8GB RAM and 128GB memory. Wilson also does not need to worry about running out of power since her Galaxy S10+ is powered by a 4,100 mAh (S10 – 3,400mAh; S10e – 3,100mAh) battery life.

“Everything at Sunnies Studios is fast-paced since we handle so many brands. We’re always on the go so I need a device that I can use to create campaigns and handle operations all at the same time,” says Wilson.

Sunnies Studios

Watch Cajucom and Wilson share how the Galaxy S10 takes their business to the next level on Samsung’s “PASS10N LAB”. To know more, visit

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