Maris Racal, Iñigo Pascual share how they refresh their lifestyles

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One thing that defines today’s generation of young Filipinos is that they have their own interests and passions that they strongly advocate. Some want to travel and see the world, pursue the highest possible educational degree, and even participate in volunteer programs.

MarNigo for Refresh
“MarNigo” loveteam Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual join the Refresh Mineral Water family.

Then, there are individuals like Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual, who work hard to share their talents, entertain and inspire others. Popularly known as MarNigo, these two stars are not only passionate about their artistic careers but also in promoting a clean lifestyle and responsible living among the youth. 

What it means to live a ‘clean’ lifestyle 

Drinking eight bottles of water every day is the principle that Iñigo has been living by since he was a student. He shares, “Growing up in the States, I was the guy that would bring eight water bottles to class because it was so expensive there. Personally, I believe that drinking water is the best way to cleanse so I make sure to always have a bottle with me.”

MarNigo for Refresh
Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual (MarNigo) share how they live a clean and active lifestyle.

Like Iñigo, Maris also opens up about being a fan of drinking water. She also shares a habit that she recently developed to help her work towards a better lifestyle: going to the gym. Maris tells, “It was only last year that I got into working out. I make sure to keep active and fit by going to the gym thrice a week. And even there, I always bring water to keep me refreshed.”

MarNigo for Refresh

The two young celebrities agree that it is important to be aware and take care of one’s self, not just through hydration, but also in having a positive approach in life. “Better lifestyle starts on the inside. Have a positive approach on the way you go about in life, as well as surround yourself with people who will push you to take care of yourself,” Iñigo said.

Taste clean, live clean 

Helping MarNigo continue their journey to a better and cleaner lifestyle is Refresh Mineral Water. Bottled straight from its source, it has a natural-tasting goodness that makes it their ideal partner in refreshing with the original taste of pure mineral water, anytime, anywhere. 

Sharing the same beliefs in living clean, Maris and Iñigo join the brand as “Refreshies” to encourage the youth to move towards responsible living.

“We were very happy when we found out that we are part of the Refresh family. Advocating a clean lifestyle is a big responsibility but it’s natural for us because that’s already the way we live – healthy and clean,” shares Maris.

The refreshing everyday drink also comes in eco-friendly bottles that are made of 100% recyclable plastic which can be reused to help minimize waste in the community. Together with the Refreshies, the brand will show ways to put used bottles to good use with its exciting #RefreshReturnRecycle campaign.

Iñigo says, “It’s a blessing for both of us to be able to endorse something that we believe in. It’s also nice to see that the brand is supportive of recycling because it addresses the waste problem that we are facing today.”

Taste clean and live clean with Refresh Mineral Water. Stay updated on the latest promos by following Refresh Mineral Water on Facebook or visiting Universal Robina Corporation’s website at

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