Should you switch to Google One AI with Gemini Advanced?

Google Gemini Advanced just dropped, and let me tell you, it's like having a superpowered AI bestie in your pocket. But should you dive in?

By RV Cuarto
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Google’s been making some big changes to its AI offerings, and there’s a new top dog in town: Gemini Advanced. But unlike the free version of Gemini, this one comes with a price tag ($19.99/month). So, is it worth shelling out the cash?

Google describes Gemini Ultra 1.0 as the pinnacle of AI technology, boasting “state-of-the-art performance” to tackle even the most intricate tasks. Whether it’s dealing with text, images, or code, Gemini Ultra 1.0 rises to the challenge with finesse. With Gemini Advanced, you can engage in extended conversations, and it excels in understanding context, making interactions feel more human-like. If you’re seeking the ultimate AI powerhouse from Google, look no further than Gemini Ultra 1.0.

Here’s the scoop:

  • More powerful AI: You get access to Gemini’s “Ultra 1.0” model, which Google claims is the best they’ve got. Think of it as the VIP section of the AI world – longer conversations, better context understanding, and the ability to tackle complex tasks (text, images, code, you name it).
  • Cloud storage boost: The plan comes with a whopping 2TB of storage for Gmail, Drive, and Photos, which should be enough for even the most prolific digital hoarder.
  • Extra Google goodies: On top of that, you get perks like priority support, Google Store discounts, fancy photo editing features, and a VPN.
  • AI in your workspace: Soon, Gemini will be integrated with Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Meet, helping you write emails, design presentations, and more. Business users get access too!

The catch:

  • It’s not cheap: At $20/month, it’s definitely an investment. You could get a standard 2TB Google One plan for $10 less but without the fancy AI features.
  • Limited language support: Right now, Gemini Advanced is only available in English.
  • Still in beta: Some features, like Gemini integration with workspace apps, are still under development.

Gemini’s integration with Google’s suite of productivity apps – Gmail, Google Docs, Google Meet, and Google Slides – is on the horizon, according to Google. Soon, as part of the Google One AI Premium plan, you’ll have access to these integrated features. They’ll lend a helping hand in crafting emails, polishing presentations, and more.

gemini advanced
Google Gemini Advanced on the web (Image credit: Google)

This marks the evolution of the previously introduced Duet AI, now rebranded as Gemini for Workspace. Whether you’re an individual or a business user, these integrated AI tools will be within reach with the Google One AI Premium plan.

In essence, beyond the standard 2TB Google One plan, the key takeaway is the inclusion of cutting-edge Gemini AI features from Google. The company also hints at more exciting developments on the horizon, promising a future filled with innovation.

Now, if you’re an AI adventurer who thrives on exploring the unknown, Gemini Advanced might be your next big quest. Dive into the free trial, tinker around, and see if it sparks your creativity. Just remember, like any free trial, don’t forget to cancel if it doesn’t turn out to be your magic potion.

For the rest of us, maybe let’s wait a bit. Let Gemini Advanced grow up a little, show us its real skills, and maybe even learn some manners (like integrating with those Google apps faster). Then, with more information and less trial-period pressure, we can decide if it’s the right AI companion for us.

So, free trial or not, the choice is yours. Just remember, sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for (and maybe even paying for, once you know they’re worth it!).

So, should you get it?

It depends. If you’re a power user who craves the latest and greatest AI tech, and you need extra storage, then Google One AI Premium might be worth a shot. But if you’re just looking for basic AI assistance or are on a tight budget, the free version of Gemini or a cheaper Google One plan might be a better option.

Ultimately, the decision is yours!

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