Manila’s Newest Milk Tea Store with a Unique Twist!

By Sylvester Sy
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Tea Lab MNL cover

The milk tea craze keeps on growing in the Philippines. As more and more Pinoys got hooked to its delicious taste, more and more milk tea shops are creating ways to offer their own twist of this all-time favorite drink, giving them the perfect instagrammable moment.

The recently opened Tea Lab MNL changes the way we look at milk tea by including the customer in the creation process.

There are a total of six steps in the science behind crafting your very own tea at Tea Lab MNL:

Step 1: Grab a tray and get a cup
Step 2: Choose your flavor
Step 3: Fuse creamer For Milk Tea
Step 4: Inject sugar syrup dosage (100%, 70%, 50%, and 25%).
Step 4: Choose your Sinkers
Step 5: Add any extra toppings for additional costs
Step 6: Enjoy your drink and spread the happy tummy news on Instagram @Tea_LabMNL

Tea Lab Manila
Choose your flavor
Tea Lab Manila
Choose your flavor syrup (Fruit Tea)
Tea Lab Manila
Inject sugar dosage (100%, 70%, 50%, and 25%).
Tea Lab Manila
Choose your Sinkers

The owners have done a tremendous job in sticking to their “laboratory” theme tea shop. The flavored syrups are in syringes, the flavored powders in vials, and sinkers in petri dishes. The employees “lab technicians” are more than willing to help the customers through the process of crafting their own signature drink and assemble the drinks for you. It is an interesting concept and best part of it all was picking up different vials and petri dishes as you assemble your drink on a stainless tray.

I had the chance to be one of the first few people to try this unique milk tea experience and I must say I really enjoyed the experience. Being part of the creation process makes my drink extra special. The “lab technicians” offered advice on which flavours mixed well, which flavours to avoid mixing and what the next step was. That made this unique milk tea experience stress-free even for first time drinkers like me.

Tea Lab Manila
I got the chance to try the Brown Sugar Okinawa (BsOkw) Proton Cream Cheese
Tea Lab Manila
Brown Sugar Okinawa (BsOkw) Proton Cream Cheese

Overall, Tea Lab MNL is truly a one-of-a-kind tea shop that you need to experience yourself—conduct an experiment and craft your very own tea drink formula. However, like any science experiment, there are combinations that could end in disaster. So be sure to ask the “lab technicians” for advice unless you are ready for whatever results science decides to bring your way. Still, I think Tea Lab MNL is a must-visit spot for any milk tea lover. You’ll surely have fun picking out the flavours and assembling your very own drink.

Tea Lab Manila
Tea Lab Manila in The Podium

If you love milk tea, and fond of taking photos and stories on social media, this new milk tea shop in Podium will surely please you. The laboratory-themed tea shop makes the experience all the more awesome!

Tea Lab Manila
Best friends and business owners Ricardo De Jesus and Clyden San Pedro had just opened Tea Lab MNL in Podium Today July 14, 2019.

Opening Today July 14, 2019, Tea Lab MNL is the first interactive DIY Laboratory themed Milk Tea shop in Manila. The laboratory theme is present throughout the shop, such as the ingredients packed using lab equipment and staff members wearing lab coats. Tea Lab MNL is located at the 4th Floor The Podium, inside The Study by Enderun.

So what combination of flavors, sweeteners, and toppings would you like to try? Let us know in the comment section below!

For more information, please visit Tea Lab MNL in facebook.

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