Thai Mango Opens Flagship Branch in Eastwood City

From a single blender at a bazaar to a thriving restaurant chain, Thai Mango's journey is a testament to family, adaptability, and delicious Thai food.

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Thai Mango’s story is an inspiring tale of Filipino entrepreneurial spirit. Starting with just a blender at a local market, the Baquiano sisters, driven by the goal to get their mom home after working for years as an OFW, transformed their passion for fruit shakes into a beloved restaurant chain serving delicious and affordable Thai cuisine. Now with a flagship branch and ambitious expansion plans, their future looks bright and full of flavor.

Thai Mango Opens Flagship Branch in Eastwood City

Homegrown favorite Thai Mango recently celebrated a new milestone with the opening of its sixth dine-in branch, and its most impressive yet – the Eastwood City flagship branch, on May 24, 2024. This exciting development marks a new chapter for the family-run business, showcasing an elevated look and an unwavering commitment to delicious and affordable Thai cuisine.

From Blender to Brick-and-Mortar: A Family Recipe for Success

Before becoming the sought-after casual dining chain that Thai Mango is today, everything started with just two things: The Baquiano Sisters and a Blender. Thai Mango is a family-owned and run business by the Baquiano sisters. Co-founders, Kim Baquiano, Jash Baquiano, Bee Baquiano, and Frangela Baquiano started the brand with the goal to get their mom home after working for years as an OFW. Armed with ambition and a single blender (bought in installments!), they started selling fruit shakes at bazaars. Their dedication caught the eye of Mr. RJ Ledesma, a key founder of Mercato, who provided them with a regular spot at their bazaars, propelling their growth.

Thai Mango Bazaar Booth
Thai Mango Bazaar Booth

Adapting and Thriving in a Changing World

The pandemic presented a challenge, but Thai Mango rose to the occasion, pivoting to a delivery-focused model. As the pandemic struck the world, Thai Mango, along with many other businesses, had to adapt. From being a regular at the BGC Mercato bazaar, they were pushed to venture into delivery as a means to keep their business afloat in such a complex and challenging time. Thai Mango started with self-serviced delivery where they would take orders from the brand’s social media page and book riders to get their fruit shakes to their customers. When they saw the potential of delivery, they signed up with GrabFood to help in gaining more traction for orders and to service a wider reach of customers through delivery. For Thai Mango, signing up for GrabFood was one of the best choices they made as it helped their branch expand and until now, the brand attributes GrabFood to a huge part of their success. After months of working hard during the pandemic, they opened their first branch in Malate which was still a delivery-only branch given that the world was still in the midst of a pandemic.

Thai Mango’s first dine in concept their BF Homes Branch
Thai Mango’s first dine-in branch in BF Homes

With Filipinos eager to eat together and dine in after years of being locked up at home, Thai Mango knew they had to start to pivot from being a delivery-reliant brand to being a restaurant chain that has both a dine-in offering and a delivery service. 2022 started to roll in and Filipinos were eager to eat together and dine in after years of being locked up at home. Thai Mango knew they had to adapt again. Being the business that never backs down from adapting, Thai Mango opened their first dine-in branch in BF Homes where they didn’t just serve fruit shakes but also Bangkok Street Food at an affordable price. Thai Mango seemed to have found the secret sauce to making Thai food appealing and affordable to the Filipino market as they’ve been expanding since their first dine-in branch.

The Future is Mango-licious: Reaching for a Billion Peso Dream

Thai Mango currently has nine branches, with ambitious plans to reach 10-12 by the end of 2024. They’re bringing their fast-casual concept to Commonwealth and Bonifacio Global City, with grand openings soon to be announced. The brand has a bold vision to become a 1 Billion Peso business.

“We envision Thai Mango to become a 1 Billion Peso Brand. We’re thankful for the advice our mentors have given us as well as the support of our staff and our customers. We’re also aiming to have 10-12 restaurants by the end of 2024.” – President of Thai Mango, Mr. Qeen Xeres Hita

Thai Mango Opens Flagship Branch in Eastwood City
Featured In This Photo is Thai Mango’s Bestselling Mango Shake and Chicken Pad Thai

Focus on Flavor: Elevating the Menu While Staying True to Roots

While expanding their footprint, Thai Mango remains dedicated to taste. Chef Kim Baquiano-Hita, co-founder and Head of Research and Development, assures customers that the focus remains on continually improving the menu. Their goal is to conquer the Thai fast-casual niche in Metro Manila, offering delicious and authentic flavors at affordable prices.

“As our kitchen has just recently stepped up, we’ll be focused on elevating the existing food offerings that we have before we release new ones. We want the food to improve as our dine-in experience for our customers improve as well.” – Co-founder and Head of Research and Development, Chef Kim Baquiano-Hita

More Than Just Food: Making Thai Accessible to Filipinos

Thai Mango’s mission is to make Thai food accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the Philippines. They believe that authentic Thai flavors shouldn’t be limited to fancy restaurants, and their dedication to affordability makes their cuisine a popular choice for Filipino families and friends.

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Thai Mango Opens Flagship Branch in Eastwood City

Thai Mango’s story is a testament to the power of family, hard work, and a shared passion for good food. From a simple dream of bringing their mom home to creating a beloved restaurant chain, the Baquiano sisters have inspired countless Filipinos. With their commitment to delicious food, excellent service, and continuous improvement, Thai Mango is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

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