Pipol, be heard! The 5th VP Choice Awards voting mechanics are out now!

VP Choice Awards released voting guidelines for their upcoming 5th awards ceremony.

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Being the most anticipated event in 2024, the Village Pipol Choice Awards heard the people’s excitement and released the voting mechanics and criteria for their 5th VP Choice Awards awards night. The results will determine the names and brands that stood out in the previous year.

The most followed and engaged award-giving body in the Philippines gave fans a month to actively participate in the voting activities from March 15 to April 15, 2024. Having accumulated over 110 million engagements and reached a vast audience last year, the 5th Village Pipol Choice Awards continues to amplify the voices of the people and has opened more platforms for voting.

Determining the next 5th VP Choice Awards winners

Supporters of the nominated brands and personalities can now cast their votes on the VP Choice Awards’ official Facebook page and the BingoPlus Voting Portal. Votes from these platforms will be combined and contribute to a percentage of the overall score used to determine the winners.

th VPCA Voting Countdown IG

The VP Choice Awards (VPCA) has established specific voting channels and their corresponding weightings. To determine the winners, the following criteria will be used: 30% from the Bingo Plus Voting Portal, 20% from VP Choice Awards Facebook reels, 20% from an expert panel, and 30% from the Village Pipol Editorial Team.

Voting via VP Choice Awards Facebook

The VP Choice Awards have made the voting more fun and interactive this year. Facebook reels featuring the nominees played a big role in securing their win. VPCA set the following engagement-vote counts: five votes for each reel star while one vote for each reel share. Here are the specific mechanics established by the VP Choice Awards:

  • Visit the VP Choice Awards Facebook page and navigate to the Reels tab.
  • Locate the award category you wish to vote for.
  • To cast your vote, engage with the reel in the following ways:
    • Send a star: 1 star equals 5 votes.
    • Share the reel: 1 share equals 1 vote.
  • The voting period runs from March 15, 2024, until April 15, 2024, 11:59 PM.

Note that voting through the Facebook platform is not unlimited and should be done fairly. Please adhere to community guidelines to prevent account restrictions or being blocked by Facebook. Learn more here: Facebook Community Standards.

5th VP Choice Awards Voting Details

Saying Bingo! through BingoPlus Voting Portal

Aside from the VP Choice Awards Facebook page, Pipol can also cast their vote through the BingoPlus Voting Portal. They just need to sign up, link their phone, and log in to get the chance to show their support. Fans are also allowed to purchase Bingo Mega Cards to earn more votes and get an additional bonus of 100 if they avail themselves of 100 more cards. VPCA together with Bingo Plus set the following vote-engagement equivalence:

  • New Registered Members Daily login – 3 votes
  • Purchase Combo Card (P10) – 20 votes
  • Purchase Extra Patter Card (P5) – 7 votes
  • Purchase Bingo and Jackpot Card (P5) – 7 votes
  • New Registered Members Purchase 100 Cards (daily) – 100 votes
5th VP Choice Awards Voting Details

Meanwhile, the brand emphasized that new members who register during the event period can earn 3 votes daily upon login. These votes must be cast on the same day. Additionally, purchasing cards with various incentives can also help supporters boost their idols and favored brands.

Also, BingoPlus reminded the public that Gaming is for 21 years old and above only while keeping the fun and emphasizing to game responsibly.

Becoming a real star with reel stars

Sending stars for the personalities and brands you love doesn’t just mean voting for them; it means becoming a real star yourself. The VP Choice Awards took this year’s event to another level by using it as a platform for advocacy. Part of the proceeds from the Facebook reels will benefit the Dialysis PH Support Group Inc.

5th VP Choice Awards Voting Details

The award-giving body encourages fans and supporters to vote for their favorite stars, as these votes will directly support Renal Failure patient-relative support groups. VPCA invites the Filipino people (Pipol) to take part in the movement for the hope of others. They also emphasized that voting for the stars also directly helps the beneficiaries.

Fast forward to the most waited event

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In its fifth year now, the VP Choice Awards continues to be at the top of its game. This year’s most followed and engaged event partners with more distinguished organizations from the business sector, making the night even more anticipated.

The VPCA recognized Spotlight Cosmetics, Amaterasu Sun Goddess, VisualEscape Graphics and Design, and Eplayment as this year’s major sponsors. Additionally, the award-giving body expressed its gratitude to other sponsors, including J&T Express, Variahealth, Johnrev Skinceuticals, and Sumarni Aesthetics. Meanwhile, Horizon Digital Management and Tangere App serve as collaborators this year. To ensure wider news coverage, the VP Choice Awards partnered with Philippine Star, Mindanao Daily News, BusinessWeek, Pilipino Mirror, and LionhearTV. Additionally, Gizguide joins as this year’s Tech Expert partner.

The 5th VP Choice Awards, to be held at the Glass Garden in Pasig City on May 22, is expected to be graced by stars and business personalities. BingoPlus serves as the presenter, with FLEEK and Converge Business as co-presenters. The event remains under the production of Village Pipol Magazine and Red Entertainment.

For further details, visit www.vpchoiceawards.com

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