TPV Leads the Philippines as #1 in Unbundled Market for 2021

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TPV Leads the Philippines as 1 in Unbundled Market for 2021

TPV Technology Limited, the global leader behind renowned PC monitor brands AOC and Philips Monitors, has claimed the number one position in the unbundled PC monitor market in the Philippines for 2021. This impressive accomplishment is based on findings from the IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker, 2021 Q4.

Breaking Down the Numbers:

  • IDC’s Q4 report revealed market statistics that highlight the performance of various monitor brands within the Philippines.
  • The data paints a clear picture: throughout 2021, TPV reigned supreme as the leading manufacturer in unbundled monitor sales within the Philippine market.
  • TPV, through its AOC and Philips brands, managed to sell over 155,000 units in 2021. This translates to a remarkable 18.46% share of all unbundled units sold in the Philippines during that year.

A Testament to Quality and Innovation:

This significant market share signifies the continued trust that Filipino consumers place in TPV-manufactured monitors. It demonstrates a clear preference for AOC and Philips over competitors, especially considering the unprecedented challenges of recent global events.

So, what drives this unwavering consumer trust? High-quality products and consistent innovation are the cornerstones of TPV’s success. Both AOC and Philips brands offer monitors that cater to diverse user needs:

  • AOC is renowned for its cutting-edge features that enhance productivity, such as the SmoothTouch-enabled Philips Monitors 242B9T.
  • Philips focuses on delivering immersive entertainment experiences for gaming and movie enthusiasts, exemplified by their entire line of AOC AGON Gaming Monitors.

Looking Forward:

Earning the number one spot isn’t the end of the journey for TPV. This recognition serves as an inspiration to continuously innovate and deliver exceptional monitors designed with the user experience as the top priority.

By combining an unwavering commitment to quality with a dedication to user-centric design, TPV is poised to maintain its leadership position and further solidify its presence in the Philippine monitor market.

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