Three equally powerful and successful women share their insights on how to make the workplace more equitable

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Three equally powerful and successful women share their insights on how to make the workplace more equitable

As a company that has been going beyond the table stakes in cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace, AirAsia Philippines consistently initiates meaningful dialogues and sustainable progress toward gender equity that leads to actual gender equality. The world’s best low-cost airline embraces diversity among employees, looking beyond race, color, gender identities, and gender expression.

On 9 March, in celebration of International Women’s Month, AirAsia Philippines launched its first internal talk series, Pa-Talk featuring three equally powerful and successful women – Senator Risa Hontiveros, award winning broadcast journalist Mariz Umali-Tima, and Senior Cabin Crew Mitchiko Denysse Malonzo.

A champion of women’s rights and gender equality, Senator Hontiveros commended AirAsia Philippines’ proactive ways of ensuring that women employees get equal treatment in the workplace. “I would like to thank and compliment AirAsia for making the real effort to make it possible for women to arrive at the workplace empowered, and the real effort to make it possible for women to achieve the quality of life the way women need it,” she shares.

Mariz Umali-Tima who’s excelled for years in a male dominated profession, motivated female Allstars pointed there is now an equal playing field for women. She stressed, “If men know their strength and capacity, they will never be insecure with an accomplished woman. We can all make this work, and expect that your company will continue to work for the advancement and the protection of the rights of women.”  

AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla said, “At AirAsia Philippines, we always make sure to provide equal access to resources and opportunities for all. We will continue to build a workplace that is inclusive through empowering leadership, a microaggression-free environment, and creating breakthroughs in employee recruitment strategy and employee engagement. We give high value to building an equitable, supportive, and inclusive workplace for all.”

Currently, about 40% of Filipino Allstars are women, but there’s more to these numbers — ultimately, it’s the organization’s efforts and the women Allstar’s contributions to make the entire workforce more agile and resilient to change. Embracing individuality, breaking stereotypical ideas, and making sure the absence of gender-biased principles are some ways in keeping a nurturing and empowering environment. 

To celebrate diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, AirAsia Philippines released an inspiring one-minute video featuring Senior Cabin Crew Mitchiko.  Mitchiko acquired a skin condition called vitiligo, a long-lasting auto-immune disorder that causes patches of skin to lose pigment or color.

The video, which was also shared on various online support groups for women, aims to promote self-confidence and boost self-esteem among women with similar conditions and remind people to appreciate beauty in all forms.  

“AirAsia Philippines helped me in reclaiming my power as a woman. When I was diagnosed with vitiligo, I thought that was the end for me. I am just happy that AirAsia Philippines didn’t see my skin condition as a flaw, but as a part of my story as a woman. There’s nothing more powerful than a woman who knows her worth and the power she has to offer to the world,” Malonzo said.

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