Best brew for Smooooth Nights, Heineken® Silver lives it up at XYLO

More events to come for the latest beer from HEINEKEN Philippines?

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Best brew for Smooooth Nights Heineken® Silver lives it up at XYLO 02

Heineken® Silver, the latest brew from the maker of the world’s most international premium beer, launched an exciting way to celebrate the weekends! Heineken® Silver Smooooth Nights will be making its rounds at the hottest nightspots in the metro and kicked off the series with a Friday night filled with awesome performances, good company, and its top-notch new beer.

Heineken® Silver Smooooth Nights

XYLO at The Palace was the first stop with Dutch DJ and music producer March Benjamin. Known for his remix work and high-profile collaborations, the event is also Benjamin’s debut performance here in the country and a definite success with Manila’s revellers on their feet throughout the night.

Heineken® Silver Smooooth Nights

(Heineken Customer Development Manager, Anton Villegas; Heineken On-Premise Lead, Marc Aquino; DJ Marc Benjamin; Heineken Trade Marketing Manager, Mark Manzanilla)

Filipino DJs, the sought-after Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda joined the event, spinning great, energetic beats that got the crowd pumped and ready to keep going. Drinks were on Heineken® Silver, of course, supplying everyone with its unexpectedly smooth and extra refreshing beer.

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