How to Decorate Home with Custom Tapestry

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How to Decorate Home with Custom Tapestry

We all love to make our homes beautiful and attractive with interior design. We do different tricks and use variant items to decorate our home. Beautiful homes give us a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind. There are various ways to design a home and make it eye-catching. 

If you are shifting into your new home or decorating the old one, we will tell you about a wonderful decorating item. It is the most compelling item that grabs everyone’s attention. Yes, that is a custom tapestry, a textile fabric with beautiful design and color. As compared to other indoor ornaments, a tapestry is the best item to decorate your home. It will make the look of your home astonishing and everyone will not live without admiring it. 

We manufacture outstanding tapestries in different color combinations and styles. We always prefer high-quality material used in our product. For printing technology, we use heat transfer stamping. This print has long-lasting effects that never fade up.

How to Decorate Home with Custom Tapestry

Features of custom tapestry

There are amazing features of the custom tapestry that will make you wonder. So, let’s talk about some of them.

  • Colors

There are thousands of colors we use in making the item. You will be surprised after seeing a wide variety of vibrant colors in different combinations.

  • Size

Meanwhile, you will see different sizes of the tapestry that including small, medium, large, and extra-large. The size also depends on the type of tapestry for which purpose it is made. You can choose the size according to your item requirement.

  • Styles

We have a lot of image resources that help us to make a large number of styles. These styles include simple style, animal style, flower style, cartoon style, ethnic style, botanical style, scenery style, and many more.

  • Patterns

You can’t even imagine the wonderful patterns of the tapestry. After seeing them, you will come to know how skillfully they are designed in a professional way. There are hundreds of designers working in our company to make the latest and unique patterns that are eye-catching and appealing. Some patterns are just designed to look fabulous. On the other hand, some patterns convey the history and old stories. These are classical designs that are thousands in number. These designs speak about history and are liked by people who are interested in history. 

Varieties of custom tapestry

We have a large selection of tapestry you can have in your home. Even after watching them, it will be difficult for you to decide which one you should bring to your home.  We are going to mention some of the main varieties you must know about them.

  • Medieval tapestry

You will see the ancient techniques in the medieval tapestry with the castle, knights, and jousting. It will take you through history. Medieval tapestry is available in various colors, designs, and patterns. Each pattern tells a unique and interesting story. These weaving designs and patterns are screen printing that is made with machines. 

In the meanwhile, there are also handmade medieval tapestries with stunning artwork of patches. These handmade tapestries are a perfect reflection of history. You can display it in your room. This work is common in India where old rags and fabrics are recycled and used as patches in tapestries.

  • Mandala tapestry

This is another variety of tapestry and is liked by people very much because of its outstanding work. You will see intricate designs with beautiful artwork. One example of mandala tapestry design is a print of a peacock with its charming wings having a lot of colors. There are also a number of designs in the mandala tapestry you must see. Every design is unique in its style. You can use mandala tapestry in your bedroom to make it bright with so many colors. 

  • Bohemian tapestry

If you want to make your home interior more attention-grabbing, you must also search for the bohemian tapestry. Here, you will see the features of splendid craftsmanship with impressive looking. It looks charming and eye-catching with elegant striped and floral designs. You can use this tapestry for multipurpose like a bedspread, wall hanging, and table cover.

  • Other tapestries

This is not enough rather there are also a number of other tapestries including star tapestry, mushroom tapestry, fairy tapestry, paisley tapestry, sun tapestry, psychedelic tapestry, elephant tapestry, and many more. When you will visit our store, you will find all these varieties there. There is a wide selection to choose from.

Where to use custom tapestry

You can use this product for multiple purposes including bedding, wall hanging, sofa cover, table cloth, beach towels, and many more where you think it will be suitable and look charming.

Present a gift of custom tapestry

If your friend is moving to your new home and you want to gift him something, it will be a great item to be gifted. Visit our store through the given link and choose one of the best custom tapestries for your friend and present it to him. He will be delighted to see this surprising gift. It will become his center of attraction and will always remember your precious gift.

How to clean custom tapestry

It is very easy to clean this product. However, you must keep the following things in your mind while cleaning it.

  • Both hand wash and machine wash are suitable for tapestry but wash should be gentle.
  • Wash with mild detergent and use cold water to avoid color fading. 
  • Never use bleach to clean it
  • In the case of handwashing, don’t scrub hard and avoid sharp things.
  • Don’t expose it to sunshine.


So, if you want to add a splash of fabulous texture, patterns, and vibrant color to your home, click on the above-mentioned link. Visit our online store and contact sellers that are awaiting to give you fast and high-quality service. Have a trending selection of stunning tapestries and place an order in bulk to get an amazing discount offer.

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