Effortless Top-Ups: M Lhuillier Partners with Telcos for eLoad Services

M Lhuillier now offers a wide selection of eload products and other merchandise.

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M Lhuillier, a leading pawnshop and financial services provider in the Philippines, has further expanded its offerings to become a one-stop shop for Filipinos’ everyday needs. Partnering with major telecommunication companies like Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, DITO Telecommunity, and Load Central for eLoad Services, M Lhuillier now offers a comprehensive selection of:

  • Effortless Top-Ups: Easily top up your prepaid mobile phones from Smart, TNT, Globe, TM, and DITO Telecommunity at any of M Lhuillier’s 3,000+ branches nationwide.
  • Mobile connectivity: Looking for a new SIM card? M Lhuillier offers prepaid SIM cards from DITO, Globe, TM, Smart, and TNT, alongside Smart Retailer SIM cards and Smart Bro pocket Wi-Fi devices.
  • Satellite TV: Stay entertained with top-up services for Marino PhonePal, GPinoy, GSat, and Cignal satellite TV subscriptions.
  • Gaming and multimedia: Gamers and multimedia enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of options, including loading services for BIGO Live, Blizzard, Blizzard Battle, Cherry Credits, Diablo III, Dragon Nest, Game Club, Gameyez, Garena, EX Cash, Heartstone, iTunes, Laplace Mobile, Lead Hope, Light of Thel, MARVEL Super War, Mine Craft Minecoins, Mobile Legends, MU Origin, Nintendo E-Shop, One Punch, Overwatch, PlayPark, PlayStation, PUBG Mobile, Pusoy Pinoy, Ragnarok, Razer Gold, Roblox, Rohan Online, Rule of Survival, SNSPortal, Softnyx, Steam Wallet, SWEEPO, Tongits War, Triplejack, UCoins, War of Rings, War Portal, Warportal, Wintyme, World of Dragon, XBox Live, ZGM, and many more.

This expansion allows M Lhuillier to cater to a wider range of customer needs, providing convenient access to essential services in a single location. Whether you need to top up your mobile phone, stay connected with a new SIM card, recharge your satellite TV subscription, or fuel your gaming and entertainment, M Lhuillier has you covered.

For added convenience, you can also purchase eLoad through the M Lhuillier website online services:

  1. Visit the M Lhuillier website and navigate to Online Services.
  2. Click on Buy eLoad or use this link: https://mlweb.mlhuillier.com/eload.
  3. Enter the Recipient’s Mobile Number.
  4. Enter your Email Address to receive payment updates.
  5. Select the network: Choose between GLOBE PREPAID, DITO, or SMART & TNT.
  6. Choose load type: Select between Regular Load or available Network Promos.
  7. Choose payment method: Opt for Dragonpay (using DRAGONPAY FEE) or Wallet Balance (using your ML Wallet). Click Next.
Effortless Top-Ups
  1. Confirm details: Double-check all information, then tick the confirmation checkbox and click Confirm to proceed.
Effortless Top-Ups
  1. Pending transaction: You will receive a message stating the transaction is pending until payment is completed. Click Proceed to Payment.
Effortless Top-Ups
  1. Dragonpay payment: Choose a payment option from the Dragonpay dropdown menu.
  2. Tick the checkbox and click Select.
Effortless Top-Ups
  1. Complete payment: Follow the instructions to complete your chosen payment method.
  2. Confirmation email: Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Dragonpay ([email protected]). If you don’t receive the email, contact Dragonpay Hotline via https://www.dragonpay.ph/contact-us/.

M Lhuillier offers a wide variety of E-Load products and services. You can explore the complete list by visiting your nearest branch or checking out their website: https://mlhuillier.com/. For more details specifically about their E-Load service, you can visit this page: https://mlhuillier.com/telco-gaming-and-tv-loading/.

For inquiries, contact Customer Care through its mobile numbers +63-947-999-0337, +63-947-999-2721, +63-917-871-2973, +63-947-999-0522, +63-947-999-2472 or email [email protected].

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