Palawan ProtekTODO: Safeguard Your Family with Flexible Insurance Solutions

Affordable and flexible insurance coverage for Filipino families.

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Recognizing the low insurance penetration rate of 1.75% in the Philippines, the Philippine Insurance Commission emphasizes the crucial role of increasing digitalization and financial literacy. They urge the industry to actively promote financial awareness and inclusion across the country. In response to this call, the Palawan Group of Companies steps forward with Palawan ProtekTODO, a microinsurance solution aiming to make insurance accessible and affordable for Filipino families.

Palawan ProtekTODO

The Palawan Group of Companies, a trusted leader in pawning and financial services, is responding to the government’s call by taking a significant step towards enhancing insurance accessibility in the Philippines. This initiative involves expanding its ProtekTODO microinsurance products through various channels.

Palawan ProtekTODO is an extensive microinsurance solution offering Filipinos flexible and budget-friendly coverage against unforeseen accidents. Individuals, students, families, small and medium business owners, companies, and household helpers can secure financial protection from a wide range of accidents or misfortunes, such as natural disasters, accidental death, fire hazards, and the like. The policies address diverse needs, including emergency hospitalization, dengue, pet coverage, and protection for pawned items. Offering coverage ranging from Php15,000 to Php100,000 for as low as P20, Palawan ProtekTODO aims to provide accessibility and flexibility.

Palawan ProtekTODO is underwritten by reputable insurance companies including Liberty Insurance Corporation, Allied Bankers Insurance Corporation, and Generali Life Assurance Philippines, Inc. These esteemed underwriters ensure the reliability and integrity of Palawan ProtekTODO’s coverage, providing policyholders with peace of mind and financial security.

Expanding Accessibility Through Diverse Channels

In addition to over 3,300 Palawan Pawnshop physical stores, Palawan ProtekTODO insurance is now also offered on the PalawanPay app as well as other e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee. This allows Filipinos to easily avail of personal insurance with just a few clicks, ensuring protection for themselves and their families against life’s unexpected events. Customers, referred to as “sukis,” can now choose the most convenient channel to secure their coverage, be it at a branch, through the app, or online. This further enhances Palawan Pawnshop’s commitment to serving the needs of its loyal clientele.

A Commitment to Financial Inclusion

Bernard Kaibigan, Enterprise Marketing Head for Remittance and Auxiliary Services at the Palawan Group of Companies, stated: “In our commitment to meeting the ever-evolving needs of our sukis, we aim to offer affordable, flexible, and easy-to-understand insurance policies to ensure their protection and that of their families. It’s all about providing peace of mind. Whether it’s unexpected medical bills or unforeseen accidents, we made sure that Palawan ProtekTODO can offer protection for whatever life has in store.”

The Palawan Group of Companies has grown into one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in the country with over 25,000 branches, Pera Padala outlets, and PalawanPay money shops nationwide. It continues to promote financial inclusivity by providing affordable, flexible, and accessible insurance products and services to its customers. With Palawan ProtekTODO, the organization aims to make insurance accessible and affordable for all Filipino families.

Take the First Step Towards Protection

To secure your future, download the PalawanPay app from the Apple Store, Huawei App Gallery, or Google Play Store. With Palawan Pawnshop’s ProtekTODO Personal Accident Insurance, protecting yourself and your loved ones has never been easier.

Aside from Palawan Pawnshop branches Palawan ProtekTODO is also now available on the PalawanPay App Lazada and Shopee

For more information, you can visit and choose and add your preferred insurance policies to your cart on Lazada and Shopee.

Abot Kaya at Todo Proteksyon ng mga Pilipino sa Palawan Protektodo! (Palawan Protektodo offers affordable and flexible insurance coverage for Filipino families).

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