Review: Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Willen is a small but powerful portable speaker that brings big sound wherever you go.

By Sylvester Sy
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8.9 Experience big sound in a small package with the Marshall Willen
Review Overview

For anyone who loves adventures and craves the energy of big, immersive sound wherever they roam, the search for the perfect portable speaker can feel like an endless quest. But fear not, music enthusiasts! The Marshall Willen Bluetooth speaker is here to be the soundtrack to your spontaneous outings, delivering a surprisingly powerful audio punch in a compact, ultra-portable package. Whether you’re a die-hard Marshall fan who appreciates the brand’s signature rock and roll aesthetic, or simply seeking a powerful portable speaker that can keep the party going anywhere, the Willen promises to be a trusty companion. With its rugged build quality, impressive battery life, and a splash of iconic Marshall style, the Willen is ready to elevate your next hike, beach trip, or backyard barbecue. So, crank up the volume, embrace the rhythm, and let the Willen transform any environment into your own personal soundscape.

We recently got our hands on the Willen, and we’re eager to put its claims to the test. Can this little speaker truly become your perfect travel companion, reliably pumping out the anthems that fuel your adventures? We strapped on our backpacks, cranked the volume, and put the Willen through its paces. Let’s dive in and see if it can earn a permanent spot in your travel bag!

Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Marshall Willen arrives in a compact box that reflects the brand’s iconic style. The lower right corner features the bold Marshall logo, while the lower left side clearly displays the model name “Willen.” Inside, you’ll find the Willen speaker itself nestled securely. The packaging is minimal but sturdy, with the included USB-C charging cable, a quick start guide, and a warranty card tucked neatly beside the speaker. This ensures your speaker arrives safely and ready to soundtrack your adventures.


This speaker features a retro, rock-inspired design and pumps out surprisingly powerful audio for its size. It upholds the company’s rock aesthetic with a faux grain-leather exterior and a front-facing, crosshatched grille reminiscent of a classic guitar amp. But it’s not just about looks – the Willen is built tough. Its durable build and top-of-the-line IP67 dust and water resistance rating mean this speaker can handle anything you throw at it – rain, dirt, or even an accidental dunk in the pool won’t slow it down.

Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Despite its impressive durability, the Marshall Willen is incredibly compact, measuring only 101.6 x 100.5 x 40.4 millimeters and weighing in at a lightweight 0.31 kilograms. The visual design continues to impress. The front features a brass Marshall script logo, and a multi-directional control knob takes center stage, offering a variety of functions. Holding it down turns the speaker on or off, pressing it controls playback, nudging it up or down adjusts the volume, and pushing it left or right lets you skip tracks. It’s a useful and intuitive control system that seamlessly blends with the speaker’s overall aesthetic.

Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On top, you get a dedicated Bluetooth pairing button, an LED indicator for the microphone as well as a five-bar indicator for the battery and charging status. This ensures you can easily connect your devices, manage calls, and stay informed about playtime remaining.


Don’t let the small size fool you. The Willen packs a punch in terms of sound. Behind the grille, a 10W Class-D amplifier powers the full-range, 2-inch driver, while dual passive radiators add a sense of bass depth. The Willen features Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, ensuring a stable connection and efficient power usage. This combination delivers surprisingly rich and clear audio, with a balanced soundscape that includes clear highs, mids, and even some decent bass. While it’s not stereo sound, the speaker gets quite loud, making it perfect for picnics, pool parties, or just jamming out in your room.

The Willen also features a built-in microphone, so you can use it as a speakerphone for hands-free calls. The call quality is decent, but don’t expect crystal clear audio during windy conditions.

Enhance your listening experience with the Marshall Bluetooth app. It offers a variety of EQ modes to customize your sound, ensures you have the latest firmware, and lets you unleash the power of STACK MODE for multi-speaker connections.

Durability and Portability

Traveling with this speaker should be no issue at all. Thanks to its IP67 water and dust-resistant rating, taking it outdoors won’t be a problem according to Marshall. You can take it to the beach, the pool, or anywhere else your adventures take you without worrying about damaging it. A strap comes installed too for hanging onto rails, wall fixtures, and anything you can think of. This makes it easy to secure the speaker wherever you need tunes – on your bike handlebars for a scenic ride, clipped to your backpack on a hike, or hanging from a branch for a relaxing afternoon outdoors.

Marshall estimates that the Willen can last roughly 15 hours on the battery. That estimate is excellent, but your results will vary based on your typical volume level. Even better, the speaker features fast charging, and users can get 3 hours of playback in just 20 minutes of charge time. This is perfect for those times when you need a quick power boost to keep the music going.

Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Get Loud with Stack Mode

Have a couple of friends with Marshall Willen units as well? Stack Mode allows for a multi-device listening session to turn a session into a full-blown party. By connecting multiple Willen speakers, you can create a wider soundscape and significantly boost the volume, perfect for livening up any gathering.


The Marshall Willen Bluetooth speaker is a great option for anyone looking for a portable speaker that delivers amazing sound in a tiny package. Its rugged build quality, impressive battery life, and surprisingly powerful audio make it a perfect travel companion for any adventure. We recently put the Willen to the test during our travels, and it quickly became a favorite companion.

Here’s why it shines: first and foremost, its incredibly small size and lightweight design with a built-in carrying strap lets you forget about bulky speakers. You can easily slip it into your backpack or strap it onto your bag, making it a breeze to take anywhere you go. This portability was a huge perk, especially on days filled with exploring new locations. Durability was another key feature – the Willen’s IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating gave us peace of mind. We threw everything at it – sandy beaches, sudden rain showers, and even a near-dunk in a river – and the Willen kept on pumping out the tunes. But don’t let the size fool you – the Willen delivered rich, clear audio with surprising bass depth, perfect for livening up any campsite, beach hangout, or impromptu jam session under the stars.

Marshall estimates you’ll get up to 15 hours of playback on a single charge, and this held true in our experience for the most part. With fast charging capabilities, we never had to worry about running out of music on the go. Even a quick 20-minute charge provided enough juice to keep the party going. Finally, Willen’s classic Marshall looks with a faux grain-leather exterior and brass accents fit seamlessly with our travel style, while the multi-directional control knob offered intuitive control over playback, volume, and track navigation.

Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker

While it doesn’t offer true stereo sound, and the call quality might be average in windy conditions, these are minor drawbacks for such a versatile and portable package. Overall, the Marshall Willen is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a powerful and stylish speaker to be their travel companion. If you’re looking for something that can keep up with your adventures and deliver amazing sound along the way, then the Marshall Willen definitely deserves a spot on your packing list.

Marshall Willen Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Price and Availability

The Marshall Willen Bluetooth speaker has an SRP of Php 6,590 available through Digital Walker and the Digital Walker Official Store at Shopee and Lazada.

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Marshall Willen Bluetooth Speaker Review Image
Review Overview
Experience big sound in a small package with the Marshall Willen 8.9
Design and Build 9
Performance 9
Battery Life 8.5
Price 9
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